World Cup of Pool: Chinese pair beats Filipino tandem in the Finals

12 09 2010

Robinsons Place Ermita, Manila – Fu Jian-bo and Li He-wen will be remembered as the team that broke the hearts of Filipino fans when they successfully clinched the World Cup of Pool title at the expense of the formidable Dennis Orcullo– Roberto Gomez pairing from the Philippines. They pocketed $60,000 after posting a 10-5 winning margin. A fast 9-1 start by the Chinese made sure that the Filipinos will not make a miraculous comeback in the race to ten finals.

Earlier in the day, Team China beat Team Germany 9-7 to grab a seat in the finals while the Filipinos won a very close 9-8 match against a strong Taiwanese side.

All in all, it was a great tournament and the Philippines has shown once again there ability to host world class sporting events.

caloycomment: Congratulations to the winners. To Orcullo and Gomez, there is nothing to fret about because they definitely made the Filipino people proud. Hopefully the victory can somehow improved the strained diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines.  I look forward to seeing more international sporting events held in our country.

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