UV Green Lancers targets PCCL Crown

15 10 2010


University of the Visayas

Image via Wikipedia


One day after having its 9 year dynasty ended, the University of the Visayas Green Lancers will try to seek redemption in the Philippine Collegiate Champion’s League.  By finishing second to the Jumar Fajardo-led Univesity of Cebu Webmasters in the CESAFI, the Green Lancers earned an automatic quarterfinals slot in the Champion’s League.

UV is the only non-NCAA or UAAP team that has made the semifinals and finals in the battle of the best college teams in the Philippines. They placed 2nd to Ateneo Blue Eagles a few years ago.  In the first Champion’s League, UV placed third behind the heroics of now-pros JR Quinahan and Neil Raneses.  UV will try to bank on history to reclaim some lost glory this season.  It will also try extract some sweet revenge to its conqueror UC and ADMU Eagles, the team that pirated their star center Greg Slaughter.

The PCCL will not be easy but after their stinging defeat in the CESAFI, expect to see a hungrier and feistier Green Lancers.




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