Filipino-American Lincecum leads SF Giants to a World Series title

2 11 2010
Tim Lincecum

Image via Wikipedia

Tim Lincecum, the Filipino-American ace pitcher of the San Francisco Giants leads his team to a Game 5 victory to clinch the World Series against the Texas Rangers.  Unlike in game 1 where the batters got to the pitchers early, Game 5 was a royal pitching match-up between Lincecum and the Ranger’s Cliff Lee.  The game was scoreless for 6 full innings with the pitchers getting the better of the batters.  Things started to unravel when in the 7th inning Edgar Renteria hit a 3 run home run to push the Giants into the lead and on the verge of its first title in 56 years. Texas was only able to answer with 1 run in the bottom of that inning. Renteria ended up as the World Series MVP.

Lincecum finished the game with 1 Earned Run and 10 Ks.  The only run he gave up was a 397 ft homer by Nelson Cruz.  Brian Wilson got the saved after a 1-2-3 9th inning.

caloycomment: It’s a great win for the Giants.  They finally nailed one years after they have a fixture named Barry Bonds.  Lincecum has shown that he can win in the postseason.  I hope that his performance can somehow boost the interest of Filipinos with baseball. I hope he will visit the Philippines and encourage youngsters to take on this sport.




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