3 Days to go before the latest Pacquiao fight

11 11 2010
Manny Pacquiao

Congressman Manny Pacquiao will take on Antonio Margarito for the WBO World Super Welterweight Championship this coming Saturday (Sunday Manila Time). 3 more sleeps and it will be another blockbuster Sunday in the Philippines. Another day without crimes, another day being glued on the television just to watch the country’s hero battle another Mexican.

This will be a very tough fight for Manny because he is conquering another weight class (his 8th actually).  Margarito has been fighting in this weight and he is taller and bigger than Pacquiao. There is also a lot of speculation in Manny’s camp that the Pride of the Philippines is having its worst training camp ever.  Would this be a factor in the coming fight? Manny Pacquiao seems to be distracted ever since he gained more responsibilities by becoming Congressman of Sarangani. Freddie Roach was quiet relieved when the training camp moved to Los Angeles.

For Margarito, his biggest advantage would be his size and he has proven to be durable in his past fights. I do not expect to see a one-punch KO win by Pacquiao should he ever win by knockout. Antonio Margarito is also trained by one of the best in the name of Robert Garcia.  He also trains Nonito Donaire and a host top contenders.  Robert Garcia has beaten Roach-trained fighters before so his ability cannot be discounted.

Manny Pacquiao’s strength is his speed.  He is so fast in the higher weight category that it will be so hard to pin him.  His hand speed is also one of the best in the business.  If his speed will be dominant again, I do not expect this fight to last for long.

What to expect: In the early rounds, Margarito will try to pin Pacquiao with his size. He will try to impose his size and strength advantage. Manny will try to circle around his opponent and use an in and out tactic.  Once Margarito is frustrated, he will try to be dirty and try to get into to the head of Manny.  Manny will counter with attacks in odd angles to the delight of the crowd. It will be competitive and entertaining but Manny will be too much for Antonio who will succumb in the middle rounds because of the sheer volume of punches taken from the Filipino Champ. 😉

And peace will reign in the Philippines for one day….




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17 11 2010


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