Asian Games Football: Most Famous Miss eliminates defending champs

17 11 2010
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Many called it Qatarstrophe.  Some call it the worst miss ever.  What ever you call it, the miss by Qatari youngster Fahad Khalfan cost the Qatar a spot in the quarterfinals and a chance to defend its Asian Games football crown.  The sorry miss has been viewed at Youtube and other social networking sites by millions has brought the young Qatar forward some “fame”.  Qater lost to Uzbekistan 0-1 when the latter scored in extra time.

caloycomment: He is lucky that he is not from South America because chances are some fanatic would try to kill him when he gets home like  Andres’ Escobar of Colombia. I also hope that Qatar will not send him to a coal mine.  Losing football matches are so much of a big deal in some parts of the world. It was tough for him and hopefully he will recover.




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