PHL Boxers earn cash rewards for Asiad feats

26 11 2010
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The 16th Asian Games was the first major tournament for the revamped and enhanced amateur boxing program of the Philippines.  The Philippines have been one of the boxing powers in Asia and produced heroes like Mansueto and Roel Velasco, Roberto Jalnaiz, Leopoldo Serrantes, and many more.  In the recent years, there was a marked decline of performance in international tournaments. Changes were made and PLDT has taken the cudgels of sponsoring a new breed of Filipino amateur boxers. PLDT Phl Team Boxing sent 6 boxers in this years Asiad, half of those earned a medal. The team finished with 1 GOLD 1 SILVER and 1 BRONZE.  Part of the program is giving financial rewards for boxers who earn medals.

Rey Saludar is set to receive a P3 Million windfall after beating the host bet Chang Yong in front a shocked Chinese crowd. Silver medallist Annie Albania will receive P1 Million and Victorio Saludar will be P500,000 richer for his bronze.

caloycomment: This is great for the program.  I hope this will encourage more boxers to train harder in the amateur levels.  There is some money in the amateur levels and if one will be blessed enough to be the first Filipino olympic gold medallist, he or she will surely get a lot of money.  Not as much as Pacquiao but nevertheless, the first Olympic Gold medallist will have his name immortalized.  The boxers have the biggest chance to become legendary Filipino olympians.  Congratulations to the boxers and the sponsors!!!!

I hope that big companies will emulate PLDT and start to embrace other sporting disciplines so that the athletes can have some world-class training and exposure.  Sports like Taekwondo, chess, sepak-takraw, football, and baseball could use some funds.



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15 12 2010

The Suntok Ginto Movement is an advocacy of the Amateur Boxers Association of the Philippines (ABAP) to promote and raise support for Philippine amateur boxing.

It aims to help the Philippines win its first Olympic gold in boxing.

show your support by becoming a part of the official fan page of Suntok Ginto :…app_4949752878

for more videos drop by our Youtube Site:

Go for gold! Isulong ang mga Pinoy boxers!!

13 10 2011
Robin P.

Thank you for sharing this news on the amateur boxing scene. I’m recently interested in the international boxing scene as the 2012 Olympics are approaching. Thanks.

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