Suzuki Cup: No home game for PHL 11

10 12 2010
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Due to the lack of adequate facilities, the Philippine Men’s National Football Team (Azkals) forfeits its right to host a leg in their semi-final matchup against Indonesia.  The Azkals who earlier qualified to a historic semifinal appearance will be playing both Suzuki Cup semis matches in front of a hostile Indonesian crowd.  The country’s premier soccer venue, The Panaad stadium in Bacolod does not conform with AFF‘s requirements.  The minimum requirements for a stadium in games of this level would be a seating capacity of 30,000 and adequate lighting.  It would be tough for the Philippines to qualify for the finals but it is not impossible since they beat a formidable Vietnam side last week 2-0 in front of countless of stunned Vietnamese fans.

caloycomment: How can even promote the world’s most popular sport if we do not even have one stadium that will be fit for international competitions?  It is time for politicians to step up and fund a new football stadium or to rehab the outdated Panaad Stadium and the other premier soccer fields in the country.  How can we expect more fans, if the spectators cannot even watch the games comfortably.  It is time for people to stop talking and start building.  “If you build it, they will come”




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