NBA Finals Gm 5: LBJ with a “useless” Triple-Double in loss

10 06 2011
Logo of the NBA Finals.

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Lebron James‘ stat line 17 points 10 rebounds 10 assists.  Not bad for an NBA finals performance but the Finals is all about winning and the Heat lost 103-112 to the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks just handed the Heat its first back to back losses in this year’s playoffs.  Dallas now has 2 chances to win an NBA title in Florida.

What’s the use of a triple-double if you lose? This performance though was a slight improvement to his Game 4 performance. LBJ was still underperforming in the final quarter.  He was out-clutched by players like Wade, Nowitzki, Terry, Kidd, and Barrea.  His should have been up on that list.  After leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers because he thinks in Miami he can easily start a dynasty, his finals performance seems to prove that he really “quit” in the last year’s playoff run.  He has been schooled and he became content to become  No.2 man.  An alpha male never becomes an effective No.2 and the moment he let’s go of that edge, we will see the start of the end of the era of King James.  If Miami will not win the title this year, the legend of ‘Bron will surely be tarnished.




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13 06 2011
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