NBA Finals: The winners are….

13 06 2011
Mark Cuban

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105-95 Dallas beats Miami in Game 6 of the 2011 NBA finals.

Who are the big winners:

Dirk Nowitki- The perennial all-star has finally earned a ring.  After the failed attempt in 2006, this title is called the redemption and he becomes part of the select group of stars who has a championship ring. What a series it has been for him. After playing with a broken finger and making a game winner, you saw him play with an over 100 degree fever.  His free throw shooting should make 7 -footers believe that they can be 90% FT shooter. His one legged fade-aways will make basketball textbooks obsolete. His 4th Quarter performance will make a good video for clutch.  He is now known as the most popular German import to the world.

Mark Cuban– The vocal owner of the Dallas Mavericks can now brag that he has built a true winner.

Jason Terry– The only other remnant of the 2006 team now feels vindicated after losing the 2006 title after leading 2-0 in the series. Terry is the best player in the Games 5 and 6.

Jason Kidd- A ring after a 17 year long wait.  His first title after 3 tries and countless all-star selections.

Rick Carlisle- The coach now has a ring for coaching a champion team after gaining a ring as a player. Joined a very exclusive group to do so.

JJ Barea – His finals performance will surely land him a big contract in the offseason. Maybe he will be the starting PG of the 2012 Heat.

Cleveland Cavaliers – A relief to see that Lebron did not win a title. Dan Gilbert tweeted that there are no shortcuts to an NBA title.

The world – A lot of people around the world that “evil” empire was beaten by a team with only one superstar and a hard-working ringless bunch. The lovers of underdogs is celebrating.


Lebron James – nobody gets as much blame as the heralded Lebron James.  He is probably the most hated baller in the NBA right now. A lot expected a Jordanesque performance in  the Finals but he was even outplayed by The Jet.  Maybe they will still have a dynasty starting next year still 2011 Finals was memorable because the King was humbled.

Miami – after celebrating like they are world champs after “The Decision” and talking about countless of titles before their first practice, they now become an anecdote about counting chickens before the eggs hatched.  They will be the Goliath that the little Davids or Dirks would slay.  They will be part of inspiration stories.  The 2011 finals will be called “The Lesson” in the biography of Lebron James.

Erik Spoelstra – Coaches usually get blamed for loses and Coach Erik is now in the hot seat.

Dwayne Wade– He might have been the best Miami performer but gaffs like “mocking” Dirk will also be remembered.




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