In Defense of Lebron James

14 06 2011
Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

The 2011 NBA season is over and the Dallas Mavericks are the champs after beating the Miami Heat.

The defeat of the Heat brought a lot of criticism to superstar Lebron James.  Lebron James started the season in the headlines by making “The Decision” and ditching Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat because he felt that it was his best chance to get a championship ring.  Miami partied and their Big 3 were even talking about building a dynasty and winning countless rings. The “arrogance” of celebrating titles even before there first practice created so many haters and angry basketball fans. the season of the most hated team did not start well but eventually they found rhythm and beat the defending Eastern Champs Boston Celtics and the top seed Chicago Bulls to reach the 2011 NBA Finals against an old nemesis the Dallas Mavericks.

Game 1 ended in a rout in favor the Heat.  Game 2 will be remembered for the left-handed  game-winning lay-up of Dirk Nowitzki of his injured finger and Dallas stole the home court advantage. Game 3 is all about Miami taking the advantage back via a shot by Chris Bosh. Game 4 was about the feverish Dirk and the 8 points of Lebron. Game 5 was about the useless triple double of James and the hot hand of Jason Terry.  Game 6 was the total defeat of the most hated team of the season.

After the final buzzer has sounded, the trial of King James starts.  He has now been given several nicknames like LeChoke. His ineptitude during crunch time is no the butt of jokes. Jokes like “LBJ’s phone is on vibrate mode because it does not have ring”.  Even Cavs owner Dan Gilbert tweeted about no shortcuts to NBA titles.

So what is the defense of Lebron?

1. Supporting Cast.  After the James, Wade, and Bosh nobody stepped up consistently for the Heat. Just take a look at the Mavs bench. (They did not even have Haywood and Caron Butler)

2. Coaching. You can see a stark difference in offense during the crucial minutes of the game.  The Heat just focused on isolation and let Wade do his thing. It was like the only set play they know is to give the ball Dwayne Wade and watch.

3. Wade. By having a superstar who plays like him, Lebron allowed himself to be the Pippen of the Heat. Just imagine the Lakers having 2 Kobes, do you think the other Kobe will have the same numbers.  There is one ball in the game and there is no room for 2 ball hogs.

4. Hype and Expectations. Maybe the hype and high expectations has finally get into his head.  Maybe he reads to much or watch the news.  No matter what he does he will be criticized and compared to players like Michael Jordan. This was supposed to be the series that he will dominate and the burden of showing the world that he was the King was too much.

5. Voodoo.  Who knows what his haters did? They might have invoked some supernatural beings to humble Lebron.

The trial of the king will last until the end of 2012 season.  We may become the WITNESSES or the JURORS. He might get his redemption or slowly fade away to join the list of supernovas who never had a ring.




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