2011 4th Top Earning Athlete of the World: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

18 06 2011
Manny Pacquiao

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Finally, a Filipino is listed among Sports Illustrated’s top-earning athletes of the world. Manny Pacquiao is the world’s 4th highest earning athlete. The top 2 slots is still occupied by golfers,Tiger Woods and  Phil Mickelson. This is the 8th straight year that the exclusive list is led by Woods. Woods who was involved in a much publicized scandal was still able edge Mickelson $62.3 Million to $61.2 Million.  The top non-American athlete is Rogerer Federer who earned $52.8 Million. Pacquiao earned just $300,000 less than the tennis great.

Manny Pacquiao is the top earning boxer.  He is also the top earning Asian athlete.  His earnings from on salary, winnings, bonuses, endorsements and appearance fees increased by 38% compared to a year ago.  He is one of the biggest gainers for the year.  To put in perspective, Wood’s and Federer’s earnings declined by 31% and 14.5% respectively.  Pacquiao earned more than Lebron James.  The Filipino fighter has been showing the world that he is currently the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  His fights have made a lot of money in PPV and gate sales.

Among the members of the Philippine House of the Representatives, he is number with over a billion peso of assets. His ascent from being boy who experienced before becoming the greatest Filipino athlete of his generation is probably one of the most inspirational tales for the Filipino youth.  Now, he has shown that a Filipino can be one of the top earning athletes in the world.  For a country that values education, he has shown that if you have physical skills you have to use as a means of earning a living. It is also time for our leaders to support and encourage our best athletes to be the best and focus on excelling in one’s sport. Pacquiao now earns more than any OFW.  While it is good to go school and get a college education but if you discover a skill where you can be the best on the world then just think Manny Pacquiao.




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