Guinness World Series of Pool 10-Ball Challenge: It’s Van Boening vs. Ko Pin-Yi in the Finals

17 07 2011
Pool Player Shane van Boening

Image via Wikipedia

Shane Van Boening is currently battling Taipei‘s Ko Pin-Yi for the championships of the 2011 Guinness World Series of Pool 10 Ball Challenge. Ko beat World No.1 Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines in the semi-finals while  Van Boening eliminated  local hero Irsal Nasution 8-3.

UPDATE: Ko-Pinyi grabbed the 2011 Guiness World Series Crown by beating Shane Van Boening 10-4. Ko was a former winner of the Philippine Open and he won $41,000 for winning the championship of Guinness Ten Ball Challenge. Ko grabbed the early lead before Van Boening recovered to level the match at 4-4. But after the 8th rack, Ko  swept all the games with the help Van Boening’s dry breaks.  The blog congratulates all the participants of the event and wishes the champion more success in the future.




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