Eumir Marcial, PHL’s newest boxing sensation

5 08 2011

Marcial in Action

Eumir Marcial? Who is he? Majority of the Filipinos did not know him until he won the country’s first ever gold medal in the AIBA World Junior Championship held in Astana, Kazakstan recently.  The light-bantamweight fighter out of Zamboanga City has just become one of the country’s brightest hope for an Olympic Gold Medal.

Unlike in basketball or football where the Philippines would just be happy of qualifying in the Olympics, Boxing is actually one of the sports that will give us best chance to finally grab a Gold medal. Marcial is only 15 years old and he is not eligible to compete in next year’s London Olympics but Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP) is looking for him to banner the 2016 Olympic Boxing Team.

Eumir Marcial beat Cengiz Onat of Turkey, 9-7 in the Finals. He was rewarded 300,000 pesos by corporate Smart-PLDT for bagging the historic gold medal. He trained hard for the tournament and was coached by Olympian Romeo Brin.

A lot is expected of Marcial and hopefully he will continue his development and not get tempted to go pro. With achievers like him, the ABAP program is slowly building a formidable amateur boxing team that can bring home countless of international honors. Remember the name Eumir Marcial, I am sure you will know him more in the years to come.




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