World Dragon Boat Racing Championships: 5 Golds for the Philippines

8 08 2011
drago n boat racing in Friedrichstadt, Schlesw...

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Tampa Bay, Florida – The Philippine Dragon Boat Federation team grabbed a total of 5 Gold medals and 2 silver medals as the curtains fall at the International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships. The Philippine team came to the competitions supported by Lucio Tan‘s Asia Brewery and Philippine Airlines. Cobra Energy Drink became their main sponsor. The team is composed mainly of enlisted personnel from the Philippine Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast guard.

caloycomment: Well, another Philippine team is making waves in international competition. It is quiet surprising that they are doing so well with minimal support from our government. It is nice to see that the private sector is also doing its job to support deserving athletes. Dragon Boat can actually thrive in our country because the Philippines is surrounded by water. I just hope the important people would notice this. Way to go Cobra-PDF!!!




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9 08 2011

The best in the world, Just another pinoy achievement.

19 08 2011
[In the news] Philippine Airlines seeks dialogue with union on spin-off – In | Human Rights Online Philippines

[…] World Dragon Boat Racing Championships: 5 Golds for the Philippines ( […]

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