2011 Homeless World Cup: Philippines beat USA 4-3

23 08 2011
Homeless World Cup

Paris, France– The 2011 Homeless World Cup is tournament for the homeless and socially marginalized football players. This is the 10th year of the tournament that gives opportunity for players who comes from difficult situations to showcase their skills and represent their country.

This year, the Philippines is represented by Jeffrey Guelas, Jeffrey de Castro, Bert Anthony Sienes, Janrick Soriano, Michael Rojo, Aljhonn Loui Matulac, John Celiz and Ricardo Padilla Jr.

The Philippines lost to Slovenia in their first game 4-6. They evened their record with a 3-2 win over Ghana. In their game, they face a United States side that thrashed Ghana 6-3.

Against the USA, the Philippines took the halftime lead 3-1. The Philippines held on to beat the USA 4-3. Next up is the Netherlands then  Switzerland on Tuesday. One more win by the Filipino boys will give them a slot to the knockout stages.

For the other results click HERE:




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