Homeless World Cup: Philippines beat Croatia 8-5

25 08 2011

Paris, France – The Philippine Homeless World Cup Team has qualified in the second round after finishing second to Netherlands in Group H with 3 wins and 2 losses. In the second stage, the Filipino boys are grouped with Brazil, Scotland, Poland, Croatia, and Portugal. By looking at the group, it will be rough sailing ahead for the country’s representatives as Brazil and European teams have a very good football tradition.

The Philippines faced Croatia and they stunned the Croatian side 8-5. Janrick Soriano scored 2 minutes into the match. He doubled the lead after making a penalty shot.  Tzvetan Naydenov scored Croatia’s first goal to cut the 2-1 then Soriano answered another goal to complete a hat trick. Naydenov answered again to make it 3-2. There was another exchange of goals before the halftime whistle. The Philippines led 4-3 at the half.

The Filipino representatives were on fire entering the second half and scored 3 succesive goals to take out the fight from the European side. The match 8-5 for the first victory of the Philippines in the second stage of the 2011 Homeless World Cup. They now have the group lead along with Brazil and Scotland.

The Philippines will next face Poland who lost a squeaker, 8-9 against the Scots.




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