UAAP 74 Finals Ateneo vs. FEU Game 1: Blow by Blow Scoring + Gilas updates

24 09 2011

First Quarter!

Here we go!

Slaughter starts the scoring 2-0

Salva great pivot move  4-0 Ateneo

Ravena makes baseline jumper 6-0

Coach Bert Flores (FEU) calls a timeout!

FEU looked too tense forcing the coach to call an early timeout.

7:45 left

RR Garcia scores after  the timeout 6-2

Garcia makes a dribble drive 6-4

Romeo drives to tie the game 6-6

Kiefer Ravena scores under the basket from a pass from Greg Slaughter, 8-6 for Ateneo

Exciminiano makes a long 2. 8-8

Terence Romeo another long 2. 10-8 now fro FEU

Carl Bryan Cruz fouled by Ravena. He makes the first. 11-8. He missed the second.

Salva coast to coast 11-10.

Salva offensive foul.

3:29 left

Subs enter.

Romeo makes a fancy drive. 13-10

Timeout Ateneo!

Monfort turns it over after the timeout

Slaughter foul

Lazy cross-court pass by Tolomia stolen by Monfort

Monfort is fouled. He makes bothe free throws. 13-12 FEU

Escoto another long 2. 15-12.

Last 2 minutes in the quarter.

Romeo makes a shot at the elbow. 17-12 for FEU

Justin Chua is fouled. Missed his free throws.

Romeo scores in the other side 19-12.

Tiongson makes a shot after a scramble. 19-14.

Romeo double dribbles trying to be fancy.

Escoto blocks Tiongson at the of the quarter.

First quarter ends 19-14 for FEU.

Terence Romeo is red hot in the first period with 10 big points. He led FEU’s recovery from a 0-6 deficit at the beginning of the championship match. Bert Flores’ timeout was timely.

2nd Quarter

Ateneo ball

Chua misses at point blank range. Ateneo gets the offensive rebound. Austria turnover.

Russel Escoto for 3! 22-14

Golla 16 footer rattles out.

Exciminiano charge with a loose ball foul after a miss.

22-14 still for FEU.

Salva scores after a nice passing play, 22-16.

Cris Tolomia and 1. 24-16. He missed the bonus.

Exciminiano scores from an FEU steal 26-16.

Another Ateneo turnover. Monfort is off.

Slaugther finally scores after a miss 26-18.

Ravena is stripped. 10th Ateneo turnover.

Timeout Ateneo.

Gilas update: 22-18 lead for Smart Gilas over Jordan

Sentchou enters

Garcia makes a 16 footer 28-18.

Salva fouled after a baseline drive. Makes 2 0f 2. 28-20.

Monfort another turnover.

Sentchou comes out.

4:10 left in the half.

Salva long jumper is good. 28-22.

Monfort fouled. Penalty. Makes 2 free throws 28-24.

Timeout FEU!

Smart-Gilas update: 23-22 in favor of Jordan.

Lead is now down to 4 for FEU.

Long scores on a fastbreak 28-26.

Another fast break by the Eagles, Ravena scores 28-all!

Ravena another fastbreak. 30-28 for Ateneo. 12-0 run!

Tolomia blocked by Erram!

Tolomia for 3! 31-30 for FEU.

Escoto fouls Erram in a rebounding play. JP Erram 2 free throws. Makes 1. 31-31. Double lane violation. Ateneo Ball!

36 secs left.

Ramos makes the baseline jumper. 33-31.

Kiefer Ravena fishes a foul with 5.8 left. Ravena hits 2. 33-all. Ravena has 10 points.

Austria blocks Romeo to end the half. 33-all.

Gilas update: 29-28 for Team Pilipinas at the half!

First Half observations:

Ateneo has 12 FT attempts already but they have 12 TOs also.

Leading Scorers for the Half

Romeo (FEU) 10

Ravena (ADMU) 10

Salva (ADMU) 10

Gilas update: 30-all.

3rd Quarter starts, FEU ball.

Romeo long jumper after a broken play 35-33.

Long scored on a drive. Foul on the play, Long makes the FT 36-35 for Ateneo.

Slaughter dunks 38-35.

Ramos makes a long 2. 38-37.

Long getting aggressive. Fouled by Romeo. He makes 1 of 2. 39-37.

Slaughter nice move. 41-37 for the Eagles.

Romeo long shot. 41-39.

Salva travels.

Exciminiano is fouled under the basket by Ravena. Free throws. He makes 2. 41-all.

Long drives to break the tie 43-41.

Ramos blocked by Greg Slaughter.

Pogoy scores from Romeo. 43-all.

Timeout FEU.

Gilas update: 42-39 for Jordan.

Ravena scores off a timeout. 45-43.

Romeo excellent cut and good pass by Garcia. 45-all.

Pogoy fouls a shooting Salva. He hits 2. 47-45.

Pogoy fouled under the basket. He hits o of 2 in front of 18,972  people.

Salva is fouled while posting up RR Garcia. He hits 2 FTs. 49-45.

Gilas update: 49-41 for Jordan. End of 3rd Quarter.

2:59 left in the 3rd period.

Monfort makes 2 of 2 FTs. 51-45 for the Eagles.

Salva dunks. 53-45.

Ramos gets the offensive rebound and scores. 53-47.

Erram scores under the basket. 55-47.

Loose ball foul for Ramos. Salva in the free throw line. He hits 2. 57-47.

Romeo scores at the elbow. 57-49.

Erram makes a good fake, Escoto foul.

JP Erram splits. 58-49.

FEU crashing the boards.

Escoto fouled by Erram. It was an unproductive trip to the line.

Kiefer scores with 5 seconds left. 60-49 for Ateneo

End of 3rd Quarter.

Gilas update: 54-48 for Jordan.

4th quarter starts.

Exciminiano butter fingers.

Long misses the 3.

Escoto putback dunk. 60-51.

Chua scores under the basket. 62-51.

Romeo misses a 3 with the shot clock winding down.

Escoto baseline jumper. 62-53.

Long gets aggressive again. fouled.

Garcia missed a hurried 3.

6:10 left.

Monfort hits a trifecta. 65-53.

Pogoy out of control.

Salva scores on the reverse. 67-53.

Gilas update: 64-55 for Jordan.

Long to Slaughter. alley-oop. 69-53 for Ateneo.

Gilas update: 66-55 for Jordan. Smart-Gilas forced to foul with 2 minutes left in the FIBA Asia Semifinal match-up.

Romeo scores of a timeout 69-55.

Salva hits a long one. 71-55 and the rout is on.

Slaughter dunks again this one is from Ravena. 73-55.

Monfort drives. 75-55.

Terence Romeo makes a triple. 75-58.

2:35 left.


Gilas update: 73-57 for Jordan.

Slaughter travels.

Last 2 minutes.

Ravena hits a dagger 3. 78-58.

The bench guys enter for Ateneo.

Escoto makes a 3. 78-61 for Ateneo.

Salva has a perfect shooting game. 80-61.

Ramos responds with a 3. 80-64.

Tiongson scores. 82-64.

Game over! Ateneo leads the championship series 1-0.

Manny Pangilinan goes 1-1 today as the Gilas fails to repeat over Jordan. 😉

caloycomment: The Blue Eagles are showing the killer instinct… more

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24 09 2011

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24 09 2011
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