Fiba Asia Championships 3rd place game Smart Gilas vs. South Korea: Blow by Blow Scoring

25 09 2011
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First Quarter end 14-7 for Smart-Gilas.

Second Quarter starts.

Steal by Marcio Lassiter.

Douthit is fouled under the basket. 2 Free throws. Splits. 15-7.

Offensive Foul on Douthit after a Korea miss.

Steal by Alapag.Korea counter steal

Moon hits a basket. 15-9.

Alapag for 3. 18-9 for Gilas.

Chris Tiu foul.

Timeout Korea.

Block by Lassiter.

4:41 left

Kim scores 18-11.

Ranidel de Ocampo for 3. 21-11.

Asi is blocked.

Korea travel again.

Marcus Douthit spin move. Fouled. Splits 22-11.

Korea misses at point blank range again.

Douthit fouled again while driving hard to the basket. He makes both free throws. 24-11.

1:30 left

Kim is fouled by Douthit while attempting a basket. He misses the first and makes the 2nd. 24-12.

Lutz hard foul. Unsportsmanlike foul!

Technical free throw made. 24-15.

Douthit hit by an errant elbow.

Korea slams 24-17.

Timeout Philippines.

Halftime after a De Ocampo miss.

3rd Quarter starts with the Pilipinas Smart-Gilas leading by 24-17.

Gilas gets first possession.

Jayvee Casio is fouled.

Chris Tiu connects. 26-17.

Casio 14 foot jumper. 28-17.

Good drop pass from Korea. 28-19.

Alley-oop for Kelly Williams from Casio. 30-19.

Hur Jae hurriedly calls a timeout.

Block by Douthit.

Foul Tiu. Korea gets continuation. Misses the bonus. 30-21.

Lassiter misses.

Kelly and Douthit good passing inside. Williams is fouled. Misses the first. Makes the 2nd. 31-21.

Korea makes a 3. 31-24.

Steal by Korea and a basket. 31-26.

Timeout Smart-Gilas!

Casio misses in the corner.

Tiu fouls.

Alapag is fouled.

5:35 left in the quarter.

Lutz blocked.

Korea scores off a fastbreak. 31-28.

Douthit is fouled.

Douthit misses.

Jimmy Alapag for 3. 34-28.

Alapag tries again. misses.

Lutz fastbreak 36-28.

Williams fouls off a fake.

Byong splits. 36-29.

Lutz for 3. 39-29.

Douthit and 1 on a fastbreak. 41-29. Misses the bonus. Great reverse by Marcus.

Korea lay up. 41-31.

Douthit fouled before making a move to the basket.

2 Fts.  He makes 1. 42-31.

Korea for 3. 42-34.

Korea reverse move. 42-36.

Alapag for 3. 45-36.

Jimmy lays it in. 47-36.

Korea misses final attempt.

Alapag sizzles in the 3rd period.

4th Quarter starts.

Korea scores. 47-38.

Douthit fouled under the basket. He makes 2 FTs. 49-38.

Offensive foul Korea.

Tae steals. Fouled. Makes 1. 49-39.

Tae again. 49-41.

Baracael makes a 2. 51-41.

Korea scores. 51-43.

Alapag for 3. and Korea answers. 54-46.

Korea fast break 54-48.

Timeout Philippines.

Offensive foul Williams.

Korea long jumper 54-50.

Douthit going strong. And 1. 56-50. Bonus made. 57-50.

Douthit fouled while dribbling at the backcourt. Kim fouls out.

Free throws for Douthit. He makes 2. 59-50.

Korea scores. 59-52.

Douthit turns it over.

Korea and 1. 59-54. Bonus made. 59-55.

Williams strong drive. 61-55.

Chris Tiu fouls out.

Korea scores inside again. 61-57.

Douthit is fouled again. He hits 2. 63-57.

Korea 3 pointer plus a foul from Lutz. Lutz graduates. 63-60. Bonus made. 63-61.

Casio turnover.

Douthit scores. 65-61.

Timeout Korea! Less than 2 minutes left. Kaput mga Kaibagan!!!

Alapag back in the game.

1:40 left.

Korea for 3. 65-64.

Korea for 3. 67-65 for Korea

Is this gonna be another heartbreak???

Douthit is fouled. Makes 1. 67-66.

Jumpball with 29 secs left.

Gilas ball.

Williams fouled. 2 FTs. 26.5 left

He misses the first. He misses the 2nd.

Philippines is forced to foul!

69-66 for Korea.

Douthit is fouled. He makes 1. Lassiter is fouled making an offensive rebound.


He makes the first.  Misses the second.

Rebound by Douthit. Ball Stolen.


Korea miss the first and makes the 2nd.

JV misses. Game over. 70-68! Korea wins 3rd!!!

That game hurts! Korea has once again tormented the Philippines.

caloycomment: Some good thing about finishing 4th … more




7 responses

25 09 2011

thanks for the updates…. appreciate it..

25 09 2011

Hopefully they will bag the bronze!

25 09 2011
25 09 2011

sana nga sir…. kapit!

25 09 2011

williams, choker!!!

25 09 2011

susmarya! same story… they choked in the end game… hayz… thanks sa updates….

25 09 2011

I remember Racela in 98 lol.
Same story. 3 pointers killed us and we cannot make those free throws. lol!!! Sayang!!!

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