UAAP 74 Finals: Eagles vs. Tamaraws Game 2 Scoring Plays

1 10 2011

Ateneo leads the series 1-0 and if they win this match, they will capture their 4th straight UAAP Basketball championship.

Starters for the Blue Eagles:

C Slaughter

F Salva

F Long

G Ravena

G Monfort

Starters for the Tamaraws

C Ramos

F Knuttel

F Bringas

G Garcia

G Romeo

Here we go!

Jumpball won by FEU

Ramos scored after an offensive rebound 2-0

Slaughter scores inside 2-2

Steal by the Rookie of the Year Keifer Ravena

Salva drives to do the basket, 4-2 Eagles

Ramos for three! 5-4 Tams

Ravena scores a long jumper, 6-5 Ateneo

Ramos scores again, 7-6 FEU

Ravena corner jumper, 8-7 Ateneo

Knuttel wild shot

Slaughter fouled inside. 2 FTs. He makes one, 9-7.

Bringas good fake, 9-all.

Long fouled attempting a drive. He makes 2 Freebies 11-9.

6:22 left Timeout!

Exciting game so far. So many lead changes and both teams are sharp.

Garcia misses the 3 Ramos gets the rebound. Ramos working hard off the boards.

Ravena fouled by Exciminiano. FTs coming up. Ravena misses the first. He makes the 2nd, 12-9.

Romeo misses his first attempt.

5:00 left.

Slaughter makes a left side jumper, 14-9.

Monfort steals but Atene misses the fastbreak attempt.

Romeo makes a jumper. 14-11.

Slaughter offensive foul!

Romeo misses a 16 footer.

Air ball by Ravena.

Timeout! 2:59 left in the first.

14-11 for Ateneo.

Exciminiano drives and is fouled. First time for Tams to go to the line. He hits both. 14-13.

Austria misses.

Garcia for 3!!! 16-14 for FEU!

Tolomia fouls Monfort while attempting 3. 3 FTs. He hits 2. 16-all.

Garcia is fouled by Monfort after a steal by the Tams.

Cruz scores for FEU. 18-16.

Salva makes a shot. 18-all.

Tolomia wild drive.

Salva makes a putback. 20-18 Ateneo.

Gonzaga steals the ball from RR Garcia. He sets up Chua for an And 1 play. 23-18 for Ateneo after Chua makes the bonus.

Excellent play by the reserves of the Eagles. Salva is still hot. 😉

End of first quarter.

Ateneo has the first possession of the 2nd canto.

Tiongson for 3. 26-18.

Romeo misses again.

Tiongson for 2. 28-18.

Chua misses.

Chua fouls Escoto in a rebound play.

The Eagles starters are back.

Bringas travels.

Ramos misses the 3.

Ravena misses at the elbow.

Garcia fouled, act of shooting.

5:54 left. Timeout! FEU needs to calm down and start setting up plays as they are scoreless in the quarter. Lucky for them that Ateneo only scored 5 to extend the lead to just ten. It could have been worse if not for the Eagle’s misses.

Garcia at the line for 2. He makes 2 of 2. 28-20.

Salva fade-away. 30-20.

Salva turns it over.

Ramos baseline jumper. 30-22, Ateneo.

Salva finally misses.

Bringas scores against Slaughter. 30-24.

Ramos long 2. 30-26.

Ravena answers with a 3! 33-26.

Timeout! 3:13 left.

Chris Tiu in the house!

Foronda drives and fishes a foul from Slaughter. 3 point play complete. 33-29.

Ravena fouled by Exciminiano.

Salva turns it over again. Exciminiano scores. 33-31.

Romes misses a chance to tie. 1:15 left.

Long misses a jumper.

Monfort reaches in.

Garcia pivots and 1. 34-33 now for FEU.

Ravena fouls Romeo. Penalty! He gets 2 of 2. 36-33 for the Tams.

Tiongson makes the jumper. 36-35.

First Half ends.

A scintillating first half so far. It was full of lead changes. Norman Black surely will make adjustments as the Eagles were outscored 12-18 in the 2nd period. FEU ended the quarter with a 16-5 run.

Start of the 3rd Quarter.

FEU ball.

Misses so far for both teams.

Salva fouled by Romeo after making a hard cut to the basket. 2 Fts. He makes both. 37-36 for the Eagles.

Vice Ganda in the house again.

Garcia pivot move again. 38-37.

7:51 left.

Salva scores 39-38 for the Eagles.

Putback by Ravena after a Salva miss. 41-38 Ateneo. Timeout!

Salva is causing problems again to the Tams.

Long fouls Romeo.

Shot clock violation.

Bringas seems unsure on what to do.

Romeo misses.

Long lays it up. 43-38.

Romeo out of control another turnover.

Foul away from the ball.

Steal by Exciminiano.

Monfort fouls Garcia.

Garcia misses a 3 attempt.

Ravena fouled while going strong to the basket. 2 FTs. Hits 2. 45-38.

Over the back foul for FEU. Penalty!

Slaughter on the line. Missed the first. He hits the second. 46-38.

Escoto misses the 3.

Gonzaga scores with a foul. Ateneo pulling away. 48-38. Makes the bonus, 49-38.

FEU is becoming one-dimensional.

Tolomia scores of a Romeo steal. 49-40.

Another steal. Tolomia takes it strong against Ravena. He is fouled. Timeout, Ateneo!

Arwind Santos in the house.

Tolomia misses his first FT. Scores on the second.  49-41.

Ramos fouls Salva on a pick. Salva finally misses a FT in the finals. He mgoes 1 of 2. 50-41.

Romeo cold.

Tiongson scores after nice pick by Salva. 52-41

Escoto answers. 52-43.

JP Erram scores 54-43.

Romeo another miss.

Gonzaga hits a dagger 3. 57-43. The Ateneo bench is scorching the net.


How will FEU respond to this crazy run?

Ramos is gang blocked.

Garcia airball!

Tolomia fouled by Gonzaga with 0.1 left in the 3rd.

Cris Tolomia makes 2. 57-45.

End of the 3rd Quarter. Ateneo outscored FEU 22-9 in the 3rd.

Garcia makes a long jumper. 57-47.

Ravena answers with a baseline jumper. 59-47.

Slaughter fouled by Ramos after an FEU miss.

Ravena scores with an excellent fade-away. 61-47.

Ramos scores under the basket after an Escoto miss. 61-49.

Monfort veteran move, fouled while taking a jumper by RR Garcia. Makes 2 FTs. 63-49.

Escoto fights for the rebound and scores. 63-51.

He fouls Slaughter in the other side. Slaughter makes 2 FTs. 65-51.

Salva fouls Ramos. He hits 2. 15 points and 10 rebs for him. 65-53.

Monfort hits from Katipunan….3!!! 68-53.

Slaughter and 1. Good set-up by Long. 70-53. He misses the bonus.

Ramos on the line again after a Monfort reach in. He makes 2. 70-55.

5:04 left!

Monfort courageous drive. 72-55.

Salva hits a trademark jumper. Assist by Monfort. 74-55.

Timeout!!! 4-Peat on the way!

3:58 Left.

Tolomia makes a basket. 74-57.

Slaugther on the line again. 1 of 2. 75-57.

Bacon, Emman, and Kirk playing their last UAAP senior’s game. They finishes their career with 4 titles.

Long gets 1 of 2 FT. 76-57.

Monfort graduates!

Ramos still trying. 76-59.

Kirk Long comes out. A tribute to the seniors by Coach Norman.

Romeo finally buys a basket. Foul by Slaughter. Slaughter sits down. Romeo makes the bonus. 76-62.

Romeo fouls Ravena. 2 Fts by the Phenom. He hits 2. 78-62.

Garcia hits 2 freebies. 78-64.

Tiongson free throws. 80-64.

49.9 Left!

Ramos on the line. Makes 1. 80-65.

Garcia scores garbage points. 80-67.

20.1 sec left: Chua on the line. 82-67

Noundo scores his first points in the season. 82-69.

Game Over.

The Ateneo Blue Eagles are the Champs!!!

It’s four straight UAAP Men’s Basketball crowns for Ateneo de Manila University!

caloycomment: It was a great Season 74, here’s to hoping for a better and more competitive… MORE




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1 10 2011
1 10 2011
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