PBA Philippine Cup Blow by blow: RoS vs. Meralco Scoring plays

19 10 2011

First game result: Barako Bull  upsets Talk ‘N Text

Game starts!

Chico Lanete for 3! 3 -0 for Meralco

Jeff Chan hits the jumper, 3-2 for the Bolts

Jeff Chan drives, 4-2 for Elasto Painters

Mark Macapagal answers with a long jumper, 5-4 for the Bolts

Quinahan ties the game 6-5

Macapagal trifecta 8-6

Asi Taulava scored under the basket 10-6 for Meralco

Larry Rodriguez good inside move 10-8

Macapagal offensive foul

Chan blocked!

Taulava beats the shot clock buzzer, 12-8

Macapagal another three, 15-8

Chan answers! 15-11

Jeff Chan with 7 points

Rain or Shine cannot get the defensive rebound, Taulava is fouled!

Mandatory Timeout!

4:54 left in the first period

Good rebound by Quinahan off a Macapagal miss.

Taulava dives for the ball.

Jireh Ibanez fouls Macapagal

2 FTs made 17-11

Gabe Norwood hits a three 17-14

Espinas fouled by Quinahan while attempting a jump shot

Splits the free throws 18-14

Ibanez and 1 fouled by Espinas

He misses the bonus rebound by Rodriguez 18-16

Quinahan hits a fall-away 18-all

Espinas fouled again by Quinahan. 2nd foul.


Espinas at the line for 2.

He makes 1. 19-18

Jason Ballesteros putback 21-18.

Paul Less is in the game

Mark Yee and Beau Belga as well

Loose ball foul Omolon

Belga hits a long 2. 21-20

Timberlake misses

Paul Lee makes his first attempt 22-21 for RoS

Belga rebounding well.

Illegal pick for Jason Ballesteros.

Lee turn it over.

5 secs left.

Lanete misses long heave.

End of First Quarter.

22-21 for the Elasto Painters

Taulava working hard, fouled.

Misses his first free throw. Makes the second. 22-22.

Belga turns it over. Pass was too high.

Omolon TO. He tried to be fancy.

Arana fights for the rebound.

Belga hacks Omolon. Charities coming up. Makes 2. 24-22.

Bitoy Omolon fouls Lee.

Ronjay Buenafe on the line after getting fouled under the basket. He splits. 24-23.

Buenafe fastbreak lay-up 25-24 for RoS.

Another lay-up by Buenafe. 27-24 now for the Painters.

Timeout is called by Ryan Gregorio.

Foul by Macapagal to prevent another Buenafe lay up

Buenafe makes 2 FTs 29-24.

Mark Isip hits a jumper 29-26.

Arana scores inside 31-26.

Borboran foul.

Belga long shot! Assist by Lee. 33-26.

Borboran travels.

Taulava working hard scores. 33-28.

Arana challenges Taulava. 2 Fts. Hits both, 35-28.

Paul Lee rebound.

Taulava reaches in Matias.


Hits 2 Free throws. 37-28.

Timeout, Meralco!

5 mins left

Espinas elbows Matias. Offensive Foul!

Technical Foul, Yen Guiao!!

FT missed.

Buenafe fancy drive. fouled.

Another set of FTs for Ronjay. He makes both. 39-28.

Espinas scores over Matias. 39-30.

Arana losses the ball.

Espinas abusing Matias. 39-32.

Matias on the line. He makes 2. 41-32.

Espinas vs. Matias again. foul Matias.

Matias and Espinas technical foul!

Macapagal for 3! 41-35.

Lee blocked.

Good defense by Lee vs. Lanete.

Espinas scores under the basket. 41-37.

Espinas rebound!

Macapagal another 3! 41-40!!

Arana misses. Espinas rebound!

Norwood misses.

Espinas vs. Cruz, misses

Timeout Rain or Shine, 59.4 seconds left!

Espinas and Macapagal spearheading the Meralco rally.

Taulava turns it over dribbling to the baseline.

Last shot time.

Asi vs. Jervy at the buzzer!!!

2nd Half

After an action-packed first half, the second half is expected to be more intense. The battle inside the lane will be critical on the result of this game. Paul Lee is limited in the first half with only 2 points.

Jireh Ibanez opens the second half with a fastbreak lay up. 43-40.

Espinas still hot. 43-42

Norwood for 3! 46-42.

Ibanez courageous drive, 2fts!

He miss the first. He makes the second. 47-42.

Chan misses the jumper.

RoS zones.

Taulava in the FT line. splits.

47-43 for the Painters.

Loose ball foul Ibanez.

Isip fouled by Rodriguez. Technical foul Rodriguez for resenting call.

Isip misses technical FT. He makes the other 2. 47-45.

Taulava fouls Rodriguez. Good transition defense.

Quinahan hits the pull-up. 49-45.

Jumpball Isip vs. Rodriguez.

Larry Rodriguez makes the basket. Isip foul! He hits the bonus. 52-45.


7:03 left in the 3rd Quarter.

Chan long two. 54-45.

Lanete fouls Chan.

Chan drives. 56-45.

Rodriguez putback! 58-45.

The starters of RoS are dominating the match-ups.

Shot clock violation! RoS ball!

Norwood scores! 60-45.

Timeout! Meralco!

Rain or Shine is slowly pulling away. The zone defense is working well and offense is humming.

Rodriguez fouls a driving Espinas.  4th foul. Matias enters the game.

Espinas splits. 60-46.

Quinahan blocks Taulava!

Shot clock violation!

Jeff Chan trifecta! 63-46.

Espinas doubled Matias and Quinahan. Blocked!


Espinas scores 63-48.

2 minutes left.

Norwood another rebound.

Norwood hits a three. 66-48.

Chan passes to Matias! 68-48. 20 point lead!!!

Lee on the line. He splits his FTs 69-48.

Matias fouled while attempting a lay up. He hits both FTs. 71-48.

Paul Lee fouls Espinas with 0.3 secs left. Poor foul.

Espinas misses the first. Makes the second. 71-49.

Fourth Quarter

Paul Lee scores after a goaltending call. 73-49.

Lanete answers 73-51.

Lanete scores again. 73-53.

Paul Lee answers. Espinas 5th foul. And 1 76-53.

Matias pushes Espinas. Loose ball foul.

Paul Lee scores over Espinas 78-53.

Isip makes the short stab. 78-55.

Lanete offensive foul!

Asi blocked by Matias!!


Lanete for three! 78-58!!

Belga blocking foul

Asi fouled under the basket!

2 freebies for the veteran. He makes the first and missed the second. Meralco got the offensive rebound.

Macapagal for 3! 78-62.

Belga drives! 80-62.

Taulava bulldozing his way. Fouled. He hits 2 of 2. 80-64.

Borboran lays it in. Good pass by Lanete. 80-66.

Another RoS miss.

Lanete pass to Espinas. And 1. 80-69.

5:05 left.

Paul Lee makes a long jumper. 82-69.

Lanete misses the 3.

Chan answers with a miss as well.

Taulava fouled by Quinahan.

Timeout, Bolts! 4:16 left.

Split by Asi. 82-70.

Lee misses.

Lanete hits a long 2. 82-72.

3:08 left!

Asi makes a tough basket. 82-74.

Lee bad pass.

Lanete misses. Rodriguez rebounds.

Norwood beats the buzzer. 84-74.

Last 2 minutes!!!

Espinas drives in a clear lane. 84-76.

Quinahan misses.

Macapagal for three! 84-79.

Rodriguez answers with a 2. 86-79.

42 seconds.

Lee to Rodriguez once again! 88-79. 25.7 left!

Quick 2 and a 3 by Meralco 88-84.

Norwood splits 89-84.

Meralco runs out of time.

End of the game.

Best Player is Gabe Norwood 14 pts 7 rebounds




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