2nd FIBA Asia U16 Championship Battle for 3rd: Philippines too late as Japan pulls away in the 3rd, 81-94

28 10 2011

The Philippines and Japan are playing for the bronze medal after both teams lost their semifinal games. Japan lost China while the Philippines were beaten by Korea. Here is what transpired in the 3rd place game between the 2 teams:

1st Quarter

Janhubert Cani starts the game with a 3 point basket, 3-0 for PHL. Keita Shinkawa makes 2 shots in a row for Japan for a 4-3 lead. Rashleigh Paolo Rivero gives back the lead to the Philippines with a 3-point play 6-4. Yusei Sugiura is fouled under the basket, he split his freebies. 6-5. Rivero scores again 8-5. 4:41 left in the first period. Kyles Jefferson Lao scores for the Philippines 10-5. Lao again, assist by Rodolfo Alejandro III, 12-5. Renzar Henry Asilum and Tomas Gabriel Ramos enters the game for the Philippines. Yudai Baba breaks the 6-0 run of the Philippines 12-7. Ramos scores from another Alejandro pass, 14-7. Sugiura makes 4 straight points for Japan 14-11. Adven Jess Diputado scores off a steal, 16-11. First period ends with the Philippines leading by 5, 16-11.

2nd Quarter

Shinkawa opens the scoring for Japan 16-13. Daiki Kaneko ties the game with a long range bomb 16-all. Baba takes the lead for Japan 18-16. Japan started the 2nd quarter with 7 unanswered points. Diputado finally ends the dry spell, 18-all. Diputado scres again for another lead change. 20-18. Shinkawa for 2. 20-all. Yoshitomo Chikui makes a 2 point shot, 22-20 for JPN. Asilum passes to red hot Diputado who scored again, 22-22. Alejandro steals the ball. Alejandro scores 24-22 for the PHL. Kaneko makes another 3, 25-24 for JPN. Coach Olsen Racela calls a timeout. Good play after the timeout as Heading hits a trifecta, 27-25. Kaneko fouled but only makes 1 free throw. 7-2 blast by Japan, 32-27 now. Kaneko scores all 7 points via 2 three pointers and a free throw.  Heading makes a shot to cut the lead to 3, 29-32. 1:26 left in the half. Cani is persistent and he scores 31-32. Japan leads the Philippines by 1, 32-31 at the half. Sniper Kaneko has 13 points for Japan while Diputado leads the Philippines with 8. Japan has 4 3 pointers in the first 20 minutes of the game while the Philippines is just hitting 15% beyond the arc.

3rd Quarter

Shinkawa scores 34-31 for Japan. Lao answers with a field goal, 34-33. Sugiura makes 2 FTs, 36-33. Shinkawa scores to extend the lead to 5 38-33. Sugiura splits hit latest trip to the line, 39-33. 7-2 run by JPN U16. Baba hits a shot by Lao answers 41-35. Sugiura again! 43-35. Rivero scores after a Philippine Timeout. And 1, 43-38. Baba makes 2 free throws 45-38. Asilum scores to bring dwon the lead to 5, 45-40.  4:21 left in the third. Shinkawa takes it back with 2 Fts, 47-40 for JPN. Kaneko for 3!!! 50-40. The Philippine U16 is crumbling. Ramos 0 for 2 in the free throw line. Kaneko is having a ridiculous day at the 3 point area. He makes another three to force the Philippines to call a timeout, 53-40. Rivero makes a basket to end the 8-0 blitz. 53-42. Taisei Shirato joins the 3 point party! 56-42. Japan holding 3-point shooting clinic and the Philippines do not know how to deal with it. Alejandro turns it over and Baba converts 58-42 plus a foul by Alejandro and 1, 59-42. Baba another 3 point play! 62-42. Japan turned a 1 point lead to a 20 point spread. Can the Philippines recover? 3rd period ends with the Philippines trailing by 20. Japan outscored the SEABA U16 Champs by 19 in the third period. 30-11.

4ht quarter

Shirato for three and the rout is on, 65-42. Alejandro breaks the ice for the PHl with a FT split, 65-43. Asilum makes a basket 65-45. Asilum connects with Alejandro, 65-47. Lead down to 18 with 7:54 left. Shinkawa breaks the mini-run with a tweener, 67-47. Lao scores 67-49. Alejandro makes another basket, 67-51. Philippines finally enters the 50 point barrier but still trails by 16. Diputado scores but Kaneko answered with a 3, 70-53. Alejandro again! 70-55.  2 more freebies by Alejandro cuts the lead to 13, 70-57. 5:36 left. Kaneko makes a three! 73-57. What a performance! Cani splits his free throws 73-58. 4:32 left. Kaneko with 25 points. Sugiura hits 2 gift shots 75-58. Lead is back to 17. Cani continues to fight and scores 75-60. Never-say-die Cani makes 2 more freebies, 75-62. Sugiura is fouled again and he makes 2 from the 15-foot line, 77-62. Lao makes 2 free throws. 77-64. Sugiura is on the line again. The PHL is fouling early. Sugiura though is quite good on the line, 79-64. Cani strings 4 straight points 79-68. Yasunori Aoki on the line and makes both 81-68. Heading scores off an offensive rebound, 81-70. 2:16 left, with Aoki on the line. Another perfect stint, 83-70. Japan is very steady on the line. Alejandro for three!!! 83-73!! Sugiura and Cani exchange baskets 85-75. Lao and Aoki too, 87-77. Sugiura puts more distance, 89-77. Sugiura on the line again. Yusei is so dependable in the line, 91-77! Asilum scores on 2 free throws, 91-79. Japan is 47 seconds away from victory. Lao scores to close the gap to ten again, 91-81. 3o seconds left in regulation and Japan calls a timeout. Cani fouls Baba. The Philippines has scored 39 so far in the 4th while Japan 29. Baba hits some insurance free throws 93-81. Dalafu forced to foul Aoki. Splits 94-81 with 6 seconds left. GAME OVER!!! Japan wins!

Another bad quarter cost the Philippines the game. Japan gets the bronze medal in the 2nd FIBA Asia U16 Championship. Congratulations!!!!




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28 10 2011

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