The Gold Medallists of the 2011 Pan American Games

29 10 2011

Guadalajara, Mexico – The goal of every athlete in any major competition is win the gold medal. The gold medal symbolizes being the top athlete in a certain event. Here are the gold medal winners at the 2011 Pan American Games:

Women’s Mountain Bike – Cross Country Heather IRMIGER 

Men’s Mountain Bike- Cross Country:  Hector Leonardo PAEZ 

Women’s Taekwondo – -49 kg:  Ivett GONDA 

Men’s Taekwondo – -58 kg:  Yulis Gabriel MERCEDES REYES 

Women’s Modern Pentathlon: Margaux ISAKSEN 

Women’s Rhythmic  Gymnastics All Around:  Julie Ashley ZETLIN 

Women’s Swimming 100m Butterfly Claire DONAHUE 

Men’s Swimming 400m Individual Medley Thiago PEREIRA 

Women’s Swimming 400m Individual Medley:  Julia Elizabeth SMIT 

Men’s Swimming 400m Freestyle:  Charles Gipson HOUCHIN

Women’s Swimming 4x100m Freestyle Relay UNITED STATES

Women’s Road Race Inidividual Time Trial:  Maria Luisa CALLE 

Men’s Road Race Inidividual Time Trial:  Marlon Alirio PEREZ 

Equestrian Team Dressage:  UNITED STATES

Rhythmic Gymnastics Groups All Around:  BRAZIL

Men’s Modern Pentathlon:  Oscar  SOTO 

Women’s Taekwondo -57kg:  Irma Edith CONTRERAS 

Men’s Taekwondo -68kg:  Jhohanny JEAN BARTERMI 

Men’s Shooting 10m Air Pistol:   Daryl Lee SZARENSKI 

Women’s Shooting 10m Air Pistol:  Dorothy LUDWIG 

Women’s Swimming 100m Backstroke:  Rachel BOOTSMA 

Men’s Swimming 100m Freestyle:  Cesar CIELO 

Women’s Swimming 200m Freestyle:  Catherine BREED 

Men’s Swimming 100m Breaststroke:  Felipe FRANÇA 

Men’s Swimming 4x100m Freestyle Relay:  Brazil

Women’s Table Tennis Team :  Dominican Republic

Men’s Table Tennis Team:  Brazil

Women’s Rowing Pair:  Argentina

Women’s Rowing Double Sculls:  Cuba

Men’s Rowing Double Sculls:  Argentina

Men’s Rowing Four:  Argentina

Men’s Shooting 10m Air Rifle:  Matthew Lee RAWLINGS 

Women’s Shooting 10m Air Rifle:   Emily Jean CARUSO 

Men’s Squash Doubles:  Mexico

Women’s Squash Doubles:  Mexico

Men’s Track Cycling Team Pursuit:  Colombia

Men’s Track Cycling Team Sprint:   Venezuela

Women’s Track Cycling Team Sprint:  Venezuela

Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop:  Cynthia Yazmin VALDEZ

Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball:  Julie Ashley  ZETLIN 

Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Groups 5 Ball:  Brazil

Women’s Taekwondo 67kg:  Melissa AGNOTTA 

Men’s Taekwondo 80kg: Sebastian CRISMANICH 

Women’s Swimming 400m Freestyle:  Gillian Rene RYAN 

Men’s Swimming 200m Butterfly:  Leonardo DE DEUS 

Women’s Swimming 100m Breaststroke Ann Catherine CHANDLER 

Men’s Swimming 100m Breaststroke:  Thiago PEREIRA 

Women’s Squash Individual:  Samantha TERAN 

Men’s Squash Individual: Miguel  RODRIGUEZ 

Women’s Rowing Single Sculls:  Margot SHUMWAY 

Women’s Rowing Lightweight Double Sculls:  Mexico

Women’s Rowing Pair:  United States

Men’s Rowing Pair:  Argentina

Men’s Rowing Lightweight Double Sculls:  Mexico

Men’s Shooting 50m Pistol:  Sergio Werner Sanchez

Women’s Shooting Trap:  Miranda Joy WILDER 

Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs:  Cynthia Yazmin VALDEZ 

Women’s Trampoline Gymnastics Individual:  Rosannagh MACLENNAN 

Women’s Track Cycling Team Pursuit:  Canada

Men’s Trampoline Gymnastics:  Keegan SOEHN

Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics 3 Ribbons + 2 Hoops:  Brazil 


Women’s Taekwondo +67kg Glenhis HERNANDEZ 


Men’s Taekwondo +80kg Robelis DESPAIGNE 


Men’s Swimming 200m Freestyle Brett FRASER 


Women’s Swimming 200m Individual MedleyJulia Elizabeth SMIT 


Men’s Swimming 1500m Freestyle:  Arthur Dennis FRAYLER 


Men’s Swimming 200m Breaststroke: Sean Robert MAHONEY 


Women’s Swimming 4x200m Freestyle Relay:  United States


Track Cycling Women’s Sprint:  Lisandra GUERRA 




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