Surprise! Surprise!! Yoenis Cespedes signs with the A’s

14 02 2012
Oakland Athletics

Image via Wikipedia

A popular Cuban player in a Miami Marlins uniform will not happen this season as news of Yoenis Cespedes signing with Oakland Athletics is reported by several sports websites. He is said to have agreed to the 4 year $36 Million dollar offer by the A’s which is managed by Moneyball‘s Billy Beane.

The signing was a bit surprising for the baseball followers as he was expected to sign with the Marlins. There were also other teams who were interested in acquiring the Cuban star who is touted to be a 5-tool player. Teams like the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, and Cleveland Indians were mentioned as the ones on the running on signing him. Oakland’s interest never made the news.

Spring training is around the corner and people will start evaluating his performance soon and compare it to the amount of money the A’s is giving him. Many say he is ready but he also has his share of critics. One thing sure though, a lot of fans will be watching if this Cuban star will shine in the MLB.




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