Ronda Pilipinas 2012 Stage 12: Galedo retains Red jersey after crucial Baguio lap

7 06 2012

Route: Lingayen City – Baguio City (96.7 Kms)

Stage Honors

  1. Joel Calderon (V-Mobile) 2:56:10
  2. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) same
  3. Mark John Lexer Galedo (Roadbike Philippines) 1:57 behind
Top 3 teams of Stage 12
  1. American Vinyl/LPGMA 8:55:18
  2. V-Mobile 0:04:21 behind
  3. Roadbike Philippines 0:06:24 behind
Top 10 in Individual Over-all Classification after 12 stages (Red Jersey)
  1. Mark John Lexer Galedo (Roadbike Philippines) 45:23:53
  2. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:00:51 behind (up from No.6)
  3. Lloyd Lucien Reynante (Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance) 00:02:16 behind (up from No.4)
  4. Oscar Rindole (V-Mobile) 00:03:13 behind (down from No.3)
  5. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:03:28 behind
  6. Harvey Sicam (Eastern Pangasinan) 00:05:34 behind (down from No.2)
  7. Baler Ravina (Roadbike Philippines) 00:05:40 behind  (up from No.10)
  8. Joel Calderon (V-Mobile) 00:07:21 behind (up from No.19)
  9. John Rene Mier (Philippine Army/RC Cola) 00:08:34 behind (up from No. 17)
  10. Rey Martin (V-Mobile) 00:08:38 behind (down from No.7)

Top 5 Teams Overall after 11 stages

  1. V-Mobile 135:20:27 (Up from No.4)
  2. American Vinyl/LPGMA 00:05:05 behind (Up from No.5)
  3. Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance 00:07:11 behind
  4. Metro Manila 00:10:24 behind (down from No.1)
  5. One Tarlac 00:12:25 behind (down from No.2)

Top 5 in Best Young Rider Classification (Yellow/Gold Jersey)

  1. John Rene Mier (Philippine Army/RC Cola) 45:32:27 (Up from No.3)
  2. George Oconer (RP Team) 00:05:07 behind (up from No.4)
  3. Ronald Oranza (Northern Luzon/Ilocos Sur) 00:06:29 behind (down from No.1)
  4. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:10:04 behind (up from No.5)
  5. Denver Casayuran (Metro Manila) 00:13:32 behind (down from No.2)

Top Sprinter (Blue Jersey):

  1. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 90 pts
  2. Orlie Villanueva (V-Mobile) 65 points
  3. Warren Davadilla (Metro Manila) 64 pts

King of the Mountain (White Jersey):

  1. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 63 pts
  2. Mark John Lexer Galedo (Roadbike Philippines) 41 pts
  3. Baler Ravina (Roadbike Philippines) 24 pts

The biggest cycling tours in the Philippine history are always know for the killer lap going to Baguio City.  This year is no different as the Ronda Pilipinas’s stage 12 is from Lingayen to Baguio City.  The 96 kilometer ascent to Baguio is marked by a Hors category climb and a history of ending dreams of many aspiring riders to become the overall tour winner. In cycling circles, a Hors Category climb is considered a “5th” kind of climb. Climbs have only 4 categories with 4 the easiest and 1 the hardest. Hors Categorie is a classification given for climbs harder than Category 1 climbs.

32 year old Joel Calderon surprised everyone by topping Stage 12. He beat this year’s Mountain King Irish Valenzuela to the finish line to cop the stage honors and the 50,000 check that accompanies it. Red Jersey leader Mark Galedo finished 3rd to retain his overall leadership. Valenzuela is now second overall just 51 seconds behind Galedo.  Harvey Sicam dropped from 2nd to 6th practically switching places with Valenzuela. Lap winner Calderon moved 11 spots to barge into the Top 10, moving from 19th to 8th.

The Baguio lap has jumbled the overall team classification, as well. V-Mobile and American Vinyl/LPGMA are now 1 and 2 after exchanging places with erstwhile leaders Metro Manila and One Tarlac.

There is also a change in the yellow/gold jersey rankings.  Philippine Army/RC Cola’s John Rene Mier is now No.1 in the young rider classification and also, being 9th place over-all. RP Team’s George Oconer trails him by over 5 minutes. Yesterday’s yellow/gold jersey holder Ronald Oranza is relegated to 3rd.

Cris Joven retained his lead in the Sprint classification to keep his Blue jersey. Irish Valenzuela pulled away in the King of the Mountain race by topping the Hors Categorie climb. Valenzuela leads Galedo by 25 points for the white jersey honors.

Stage 13 will be an individual time trial.  The remaining 74 riders will be released at one minute intervals starting from the last ranked cyclist.  They will try to get their best time in a 27.4 km ride from Tuba, Benguet to Baguio City.  Many fans are expecting to see the 2012 Ronda champion emerge after this crucial time trial.

Calderon celebrates! (from Ronda Pilipinas official Facebook page)




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