NBA Global Games Philippines 2013 Indiana vs. Houston Blow by Blow

10 10 2013

MOA Arena, Philippines -The game started with Houston Rockerts blitzing with a 12-0 in the first 3 minutes of the game.  Paul George got hot put Indiana within striking distance at 29-21. CJ Watson trimmed down the lead to 5 with a 3-pointer with 34 seconds left in the opening period. Houston had the final possession of the first quarter with James Harden drawing a foul with 1 second left. He made made 2 out of 2 to end the period at 31-24. Harden has been consistent in his ability to draw fouls and get to the line for his points.

2nd Period:

Solomon Hill misses the first attempt in the second period.

10:57 Jeremy Lin draws a foul from Luis Scola. He goes to the line for free throws. He makes both 33-24 Houston

10:31 Watson hits another three point shot. 33-27

10:12 Donatas Motiejunas then Luis Scola answers in the other end. 35-29

9:28 Danny Granger makes as shot off a Watson pass. 35-31

9:00 Aaron Brook makes a nice lay-up and Lin scores after an Indiana miss. 39-31

8:27 Luis Scola And 1 after an offensive rebound. 39-33  Time out. Completes the three[point play. 39-34

7:57 Defensive 3-seconds violation for the Rockets. Granger makes the bonus 39-35

7:45 Scola scores from Granger 39-37

7:33 Brooks scores of an amazing drive plus a foul. 42-37.

7:02 Motiejunas brings the lead back 7. Chris Copeland answers but Motiejunas scores again. 46-39. 11 Fastbreak points for Houston.

6:28 Watson on the line for the Pacers. He makes 2. 46-41 Houston

6:10 Lin another inside incursion. 48-41 Houston

5:57 Omri Casspi scores the free throw line 49-41

5:37 Lance Stevenson on the line after a foul. Both teams on penalty. 49-43.

5:04   David West scores from the inside but missed the bonus free throw. 49-45 Houston

4:16 Patrick Beverley makes 2 FTs 51-45 Houston

3:51 Chandler Parson makes a three. George misses a bonus FT for delay of game. 54-45

3:25 George and Parsons trade baskets. 56-47

Crowd enjoying the entertainment off the time out. The mascots are stealing the show. Delay in the game due to clock malfunction. Clutch and Boomer having fun.  Problem with the scorers table.

George scores 56-49 to cut the lead to 7.

1:47 Jeremy Lin fouled by Stevenson. He goes 2 of 2. 58-49

1:14 Granger scores off a Houston turnover. He makes the bonus. 58-52.

1:00 Harden cleverly draws another foul. He is in the FT line again. He hits 1 of 2. 59-52.

0:47 Stevensons muscles his way for a drive and a foul. He misses the free throw. 59-54.

0:32 Harden again at the line after drawing a foul from West. He makes both Fts. 61-54

0:20 Watson makes a FT. 61-55

0:00 Harden misses three pointer to end the half.

After starting slow, the Indiana Pacers bench somehow gained headway to make the game closer. Harden is showing why he lead the league in FT attempts as he continues to draw falls that lead free throws. Both teams have the potential to go deep in next year’s playoffs.  On paper the Pacers have a better talent than last year’s Eastern Conference finalists while Houston just got more dangerous with the addition of Dwight Howard.

3rd Period

10:42 Harden draws the 4th foul from Hill. He is on the line again. He just hit 1 of 2. 62-55 Houston.

10:20 Terrence Jones rewarded for his defensive effort with a dunk. 64-55.

10:00 Parsons  scores off another Indiana Pacers turnover. 66-55

9:10 West finally scores for Indiana 66-57.

8:46 George reduces the lead to 7. 66-59.

8:00 West scored again but Harden answer. 68-61 Houston.

7:30 West is waxing hot but Parsons answers as well. 70-63

7:00 Gerorge scores in the perimeter but Harden answers with a score in the paint. 72-65.

5:45 Jones draws a foul off a drive. Missed to FTs but awarded another because lane violation. He makes the third. 73-65.

4:35 Hibbert fouled by Parsons. He makes 2 Fts. 73-67

4:18 Beverley for 3! 76-67

4:04 George scores but misses Ft. 76-69.

3:28 Howard on the line. He goes 1 for 2. 77-69.

3:16 Harden travels again. Pacers ball!

2:38 Parsons scores. Hibbert answers 79-71

1:55 Howard scores against Hibbert and West answers for the PAcers. 81-73

0:48 Harden for three! 84-73

0:33 George scores 84-75

End of Third Quarter Rockets 84 Pacers 75

4th quarter

11:10 Orlando Johnson scores 84-77.

10:14 Johnson again 84-79.

9:40 Ronnie Brewer and 1 from a good Lin outlet. 86-79

8:45 Motiejunas scores 88-79.

8:30 Orlando Johnson draws a foul.

8:00 Scola scores 88-81

7:35 Lin scores off a drive! 90-81

7:12 Lin makes 2 FTs 92-81

6:55 Scola at the line makes 1 of 2 92-82

6:30 Houston gets creative. Casspi scores with a foul. Completes the 3 point play 95-82.

6:16 Granger at the line. He just played 5 games last year. He makes 1 of 2. 95-83

6:14 Scola loose ball foul. Lin at the line. 2 of 2 97-83

5:47 Granger on the line. He makes 2 of 2. 97-85

5:02 5-0 for Houston. 102-85. Biggest lead of the game.

4:40 Indiana answers with 2 FTs. 102-87

4:19 Orlando Johnson on the line. Misses both FTs. 21-31 for Pacers in FT line.

3:45 Motiejunas scores and Johnson answers with a trifecta. 104-90.

3:19  Casspi barrels through and gets rewarded with a 3-point play. 107-90

3:00 Motiejunas hook shot and Casspi burns the Pacers with a 3! 112-90!!

1:58  Hilton Armstrong makes 2 Fts 112-92.

o:56 Motiejunas on the line. 2 of 2. 114-92

0:44 Orlando Johnson scores but Casspi answers 116-94

0:16 Johnson on the line 2 of 2. 116-96

The first ever preseason game between 2 NBA teams in the Philippines ends at 116-96 for the Houston Rockets. Both teams will meet again on Sunday in Taipei.

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2012 NBA Draft Top 10 Picks

29 06 2012
Anthony Davis Jordan Brand Classic 2011

Anthony Davis Jordan Brand Classic 2011 (Photo credit: BasketballElite)

The NBA draft was held today and here are the 2012 top ten picks:

  1. New Orleans Hornets pick Anthony Davis (Kentucky) – From national champs to over-all No.1, life has been moving so fast for Anthony Davis in the past couple of months. The Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four  will be playing in the city where he won the national championship as a freshman. He averaged 14.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 4.7 blocks in his only year in college. The 6-11 and 222 pound – power forward is expected to start and star for the Hornets who lost Chris Paul last year.  He is a definite upgrade to Carl Landry or Jason Smith. He will improve the Hornets rebounding that only ranks 24th last year. Potential: Tim Duncan II Question: How will the additional affect his game in the NBA?
  2. Charlotte Bobcats pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Kentucky) – For the first time in history, the No. 1 and No. 2 picks come from the same school. John Calipari must be proud as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is picked next to Anthony Davis. Kidd-Gilchrist is another freshman forward from the national champs, he is expected to play SF in the pros. After speculations of draft day trades, the Bobcats chose to keep the pick. He is a  third-team All-American. He averaged 11.9 points and 7.4 rebounds in his only season with the Wildcats. He is known for his high motor and defensive intensity. The Bobcats have a lot of holes to fill and the pick will fill many of those holes. He can replace Corey Maggette at SF and help improve the Bobcat’s rebounding (29th in the NBA) and defense (27th in the NBA). Potential: Dennis Rodman with slightly better scoring averages. Question: How will he help the dismal offense of the Bobcats?
  3. Washington Wizards pick Bradley Beal (Florida) – A 3rd straight freshman is picked this year, as the Wizards chose  Beal.Beal was the 2011 Gatorade national player of the year after averaging 32.5 points in his senior season in high school. In his lone season at Florida, he averaged 14.8 ppg, team high 6.7 rpg, and 2.2 apg. Many are saying that the Wall-Beal backcourt will be  joy to watch. Potential: Ray Allen with better defense but less 3FG%. Question: Will he be enough to get John Wall to the playoffs?
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers pick Dion Walters (Syracuse) – The 4th pick was another underclassman in Dion Walters of Syracuse. Walters is the 6th man for Syracuse but he is 2nd leading scorer of the Orangemen. Many pundits think that Cleveland reached for this pick but the nice the thing about Walters is that he is a player who does not need to start to make an impact. He is do-it-all that can play both guard positions.  Along with Kyrie Irving, they can rival the Wall-Beal pairing in Washington. Potential: James Harden. Question: Will he bring his offensive and defensive efficiency to the NBA?
  5. Sacramento Kings pick Thomas Robinson (Kansas) – The big man from the national runner-up Kansas is going to Sacramento.  In his junior season, he averaged 17.7 points, 11.9 rebounds, and had 27 double-doubles to lead the Jayhawks to the national finals. By drafting him, the Kings will pair him with DeMarcus Cousins to form one of the most dynamic big man tandems in the league. Potential: DeMarcus Cousins, just imagine 2 of those playing for Sacramento every night. Question: Will the 2 be enough for the Kings?
  6. Portland Trailbalzers pick Damian Lillard (Weber St.) – The first senior and first point guard taken in the 2012 draft is Damian Lillard of Weber State. The Blazers took the mid-major star after a string of impressive pre-draft performances. Lillard averaged 24.5 ppg, 4.0 apg and 88.7 FT% in his final collegiate season. Portland will now have an option to let go of either Jamal crawford or Raymond Felton. Potential: Chauncey Billups Question: Will he be an effective NBA point guard?
  7. Golden State Warriors pick Harrison Barnes (North Carolina) – Barnes was slated to be a Top 5 pick last year before deciding to comeback to play with the Tar Heels for a sophomore season.  His draft number was lower than expected mainly because of some poor performance in the 2012 March Madness. Some experts think that his outstanding play was a result of playing with outstanding pass-first point guards. With the Warriors, he will be playing with the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and most likely he needs to create his owns shots in most situations. Potential: Antawn Jamison Question: Will he start immediately for the Warriors?
  8. Toronto Raptors pick Terence Ross (Washington) – At 6’6 and 195 lbs., Ross has an ideal size for an NBA shooting guard.  He averaged 16.4 points and 6.4 rebounds in his last season with the Huskies. His size and athleticism will be useful in guarding the likes of Kobe Bryant and Dawyne Wade in the NBA. He could start immediately at Toronto who needed efficient production from the two guard position. Potential: Eric Gordon. Question: Will he be better than DeMar De Rozan?
  9. Detroit Pistons pick Andre Drummond (Connecticut) – The young big man from Connecticut fell to Detroit at 9.  Drummond averaged 10.0 ppg, 7.6 rpg, and 2.7 bpg. He will pair up with Greg Monroe to give the Pistons an young and imposing front court. The teenager could star immediately for Detroit and give a defensive presence that has been lacking since they heydays of Ben Wallace. Potential: Dwight Howard – Lite. Question: Will he be consistently good and durable in the NBA?
  10. New Orleans Hornets pick Austin Rivers (Duke) – The son of Boston Celtic coach Glenn “Doc” Rivers was picked No.10 by the Hornets. The pick along with the No.1 pick will give them an inside-outside tandem for the years to come. He averaged 15.5 ppg 3.4 rpg and 2.1 apg in his only season with the Blue Devils.  He could be PG in the NBA but he also have the skills and mentality of an SG. Potential: Russell Westbrook II. Question: Will he be a PG or an SG in the NBA?

NBA Finals:Larry O’Brien NBA Trophy goes to Lebron and Miami

23 06 2012

These are the members of the 2012 NBA champions:

50 Joel Anthony C 6-9 245 29   Canada 4
31 Shane Battier F 6-8 225 33   USA 10
1 Chris Bosh F 6-11 235 28   USA 8
15 Mario Chalmers G 6-2 190 26   USA 3
30 Norris Cole G 6-2 175 23   USA R
34 Eddy Curry C 7-0 295 29   USA 9
14 Terrel Harris G 6-4 190 24   USA R
40 Udonis Haslem F 6-8 235 32   USA 8
5 Juwan Howard F 6-9 250 39   USA 17
6 LeBron James F 6-8 250 27   USA 8
22 James Jones G-F 6-8 215 31   USA 8
13 Mike Miller F 6-8 210 32   USA 11
45 Dexter Pittman C 6-11 285 24   USA 1
21 Ronny Turiaf C 6-10 245 29   France 6
3 Dwyane Wade G 6-4 220 30   USA 8
Erik Spoelstra (College – Portland)
Bob McAdoo (College – North Carolina)
Keith Askins (College – Alabama)
Ron Rothstein (College – Rhode Island)
David Fizdale (College – San Diego)
Chad Kammerer (College – Westmont)
Octavio De La Grana (College – Liberty)
Bill Foran (College – Central Michigan)
Jay Sabol (College – Florida International)
Rey Jaffet (College – Florida International)
Rob Pimental

The Miami Heat led by Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh won this year’s NBA title by beating the young Oklahoma Thunder, 4-1, in their best of seven Finals showdown. James and Company was able to beat an entertaining young squad that is led by NBA top scorer Kevin Durant and point guard Russell Westbrook. The NBA title is first for Lebron and Bosh.  Dwayne Wade captured his second ring. The team is coached by Filipino-American Erik Spoelstra.

Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012 NBA Playoffs: Durant, OKC evens Western Conference Finals series

3 06 2012

For 20 games, the San Antonio Spurs were invincible.  They ran roughshod over the NBA for 2 months. Then the Western Conference Finals moved to Oklahoma City. With 2-0 lead, a win by the Spurs in Game 3 would have fueled talk about a perfect postseason. The Oklahoma City Thunder, however, had other plans. They routed the Spurs in Game 3 and in they beat again in Game 4 , 109-103, to level the series and sent  the Spurs home reeling with a 2 game losing streak. Has streak really reversed? or is it just a minor blip in the Spurs ascent?

Game 4 was marked by the 4th quarter explosion by NBA scoring leader Kevin Durant. With the Spurs breathing down their necks, Durant just took over and scored 18 big points in the last 7 minutes of the game.  He practically doused fire for every run and rally the Spurs attempted during the final minutes of the game. His 18 4th quarter points was a career high.

Another notable performer was Serge Ibaka who had career high 26 points by hitting all 11 of his field goal attempts and all 4 free throw chances. Six of his 11 field goals were made at the perimeter.  The Spurs were led by Tim Duncan‘s 21 and Kawhi Leonard‘s 17.  Tony Parker finished with 12 points as he only hit 5 of his 15 attempts while his counterpart from the Thunder Russell Westbrook did not do better as he only finished with 7 points and missing 8 of his 10 field goal tries.

The series will shift back to Texas were the crucial Game 5 will be played.

Stats Streaks: 20 Straight! Rondo extends double digit assists streak!!

14 04 2012
Rondo Explosion

Rondo Explosion (Photo credit: Digital Dustin)

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics has extended his amazing streak of issuing double digit assists to 20 games.  His efforts though were not enough to propel the Celtics to a road victory against the lowly Toronto Raptors.  Rondo tied legendary Magic Johnson at 2nd longest streak behind All-time great John Stockton’s 29.

His streak started in March 11 and it came at a good time as the Celtics are battling playoff seeding.  After starting the season at 15-17, the Boston Celtics have won 19 of its 26 games after the All-Star break.  Boston is currently battling the Atlanta Hawks, and the Orlando Magic for the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference.

The streak helped Rajon Rondo to overtake Steve Nash as the top NBA player when it comes to passing. Rondo (11.4) is now .3 apg clear of Nash (11.1) in the assists race for the season.

caloycomment: With the way, Rondo and Boston are playing expect teams to have a hard time against them in the playoffs … MORE

Stats Streaks: Boston’s Rajon Rondo has double digit assists for 16 straight games

8 04 2012


Hrvatski: Rajon Rondo zakucava tijekom utakmic...

Rajon Rondo issued 12 assists in Boston’s 86-72 over the Indiana Pacer. The Boston Celtic guard has 10  or more assists in 16 straight games. He is the 4th player in NBA history to have 16 straight double digit assist games. The other 3 were John Stockton, Magic Johnson and  Kevin Porter. The NBA record is at 29 held by legendary Utah Jazz point guard John Stockton.

In those 16 games, Boston has won 10 games. Rondo made a total of 210 assists in that span for a 13.1 apg clip. He is currently second in NBA assists per game averages trailing Phoenix’s Steve Nash by .1 assist per game.

Los Angeles Lakers “revamp”: Fisher, Walton, Kapono traded

16 03 2012
A photo of Derek Fisher modified by SRE.K.A.L.24.

End of an era: Fisher no longer a Laker

As the NBA trade deadline passed, the LA Lakers were surprisingly the most active trader. The Lakers were able to unload some contracts but also get younger for a playoff push this year. The Lakers will say goodbye to longtime point guard Derek Fisher and bench mainstay Luke Walton.

Trade 1: Jason Kapono (2.0 ppg, .382 FG%), Luke Walton (1.3 ppg, 1.6 rpg) and Laker’s 2012 first round pick for Cleveland Cavaliers’ Ramon Sessions (10.5 ppg, 5.2 apg) and Christian Eyenga (1.5 ppg, 2.0 rpg).

Trade 2: Derek Fisher and Maverick’s 2012 first round pick (from the Lamar Odom deal) for Houston Rockets center Jordan Hill (5.0 ppg, 4.8 rpg).

The big catch Lakers is Sessions who will probably get the starting role eventually for Lakers. Sessions is on a contract year and he is averaging more than 5 assists per game despite being the back up of 2011 No.1 pick Kyrie Irving.

NBA: New York’s Lin streak end at 7

18 02 2012


New York Knicks logo

Image via Wikipedia

After 7 wins of Linsanity, sanity is somehow restored in New York as the New Orleans Hornets handed the Knicks its first loss since February 3. Jeremy Lin finished with 26 points but had 9 turnovers in their 89-85 loss. Amare Stoudemire also scored 26 for New York. Trevor Ariza led the Hornets with 25 markers.

The Knicks will be getting star Carmelo Anthony and they just recently signed former Denver Nugget J.R. Smith. The loss dropped the Knicks record to 15-16 and they currently hold the 8th best record in the Eastern conference. They are 5 games behind the Philadelphia 76ers in the Atlantic Conference standings.


Knicks extend Linsane winning streak to 7

16 02 2012
Jeremy Lin

Image via Wikipedia

By winning against the Sacramento Kings today, the New York Knicks extended its winning streak to 7. The streak started last February 4 when Coach Mike D’Antoni gave significant minutes to now-cult hero Jeremy Lin against the New Jersey Nets. Lin responded to score 25 points in 36 minutes. The next game against the Jazz, Lin only sat for 3 minutes and scoring 28 points with 8 assists in a 99-88 win. He got his first double-double (23 points 10 assists) against John Wall and the Washington Wizards on February 8. “Linsanity” erupted in New York when Lin outscored Kobe Bryant in its 92-85 conquest of the Lakers on February 10. Jeremy Lin scored a career high 38 points. The streak extended to five, when the Knicks rallied past the Minnesota Timberwolves behind Lin’s 20 point- 8 assist game. On February 14, he broke the hearts of the Raptor fans by making his first career game winner in a 90-87 win over the Toronto Raptors. He also established a career high in assist in that game by dishing out 11 along with his 27 points.

In today’s win over the Kings, Lin for the first time in the streak failed to reach 20 points. He only scored 10 but for the second straight night, he increased his assist career high as he made 13. The streak has reenergized the Knicks and gave them hope that their team can be playoff beaters. From a super under-achieving 8-15 team, Lin turned the Knicks to a dangerous .500 team (15-15). Coupled with Boston’s loss to Detroit today, New york is just a game behind the vaunted Celtics in the Atlantic Standings (Philadelphia leads the division at 20-10).

Their next match will be against the New Orleans Hornets and the Knicks will soon get back All-Star Carmelo Anthony. With Amare Stoudamire back, the Knicks is getting stronger every day. The “Lin-sane” streak could go further. Stay tuned. 😉

Jeremy Lin: New York Knick’s big Asian hope

14 02 2012

The team from the Big Apple is now banking on an unlikely player in its recent surge in the NBA standings. Jeremy Lin who played for Harvard and was cut by two NBA teams this season has led the underachieving New York Knicks (13-15) to a stellar 5 game winning streak. He has reenergized the fan base and his Asian connection is making him the heir apparent of Yao Ming. Lin was recently awarded the East player of the week and if the All-Star voting would have been next week, he could have been a shoo-in to be a starter.

So, what has he done so far in his career? In the past 5 games, he averaged 26.8 points, 8.0 assists while shooting at a 51.5% rate.  On February 10, he dropped 38 points to stun the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers. He might not keep it up but New York has truly found a gem or at least lucky jade charm in their lethargic start in this lockout-shortened season.

Lin’s play has even got the attention of controversial boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.  Mayweather suggested that he got the attention because he is Asian. Hopefully, Lin will respond and ask Mayweather to fight that Asian boxing champion that he has been avoiding.  The past week was definitely one of the best weeks so far of Lin’s life. His twitter following has exploded and he has been trending in that site for a couple of days already.

Is he the savior of the Knicks? Will he be final piece needed for the long-awaiting Knicks francise to bring them to the promise land? Maybe. As for now, people are enjoying the “Linsanity” in Madison Square Garden.