2011 World 9 Ball Champion is YUKIO AKAGARIYAMA!!!

2 07 2011

Congratulations to Yukio Akagariyama the 2011 World 9 Ball Champion!!!

The 36 year old Japanese cue master captured his first major billiards championship by defeating ex-double world champion Ronnie Alcano of the Philippines. The match ended 13-11 in his favor.  He hurdled a very skillful opponent as well as a pro-Filipino crown to win the Championship and its $36,000 prize.

caloycomment: Even if a Filipino did not win the championship, the 2011 World 9 Ball Championship was dominated by Filipinos from Day 1. Just imagine that 1 of every 4 who qualified in the K.O. stages were Filipinos. There was a Filipino vs. Filipino in every round. Billiards has been a source of pride to us but the country is not prioritizing this game. Our champions did not receive any formal training to become world beaters.  They did it on their own.  A lot of the top coaches in the middle east were just pool sharks back in our country.  Billiards will always have a hard time competing with the Gilas, now the Azkals.  I wonder if it’s possible that our collegiate leagues like UAAP, NCAA , and CESAFI would include billiards in their calendars. 😉

2011 World 9-Ball Championships: It’s Alcano vs. Akagariyama for the Crown!

2 07 2011

Doha, Qatar – The 2011 World 9 Ball Championships is down to 2 players.  2006 World Champ Ronnie Alcano faces Japan’s Yukio Akagariyama for the championship after both hurdled tough opponents. A capacity crowd witnessed the 11-9 victory of Alcano over World No.1 Dennis Orcullo, and the 11-10 win by Akagariyama over Britain’s Mark Gray.

The 2 winners will now play a race to 13 championship match with the winner getting $36,000 while the loser will settle for $18,000.  For live coverage check out : www.wpa-pool.com

World 9 Ball Championship: The Final 4. 2 Pinoys left!

1 07 2011
Filipino Pool Champions Jose Amang Parica and ...

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Doha, Qatar – After five days of intense competition among the best pool stars in the world, the 2011 World 9 Ball Championships is down its final 4 participants.  Ronnie Alcano of the Philippines and Yukio Akakariyama of Japan both survived 11-10 thrillers to grab slots in the semifinals. They are joined by Mark Gray of Great Britain who outlasted USA’s Shane Van Boening and World No. 1 Dennis Orcullo who strolled to an 11-2 victory.

The Philippines is once again assured of one finalist as Orcullo and former World Champion Alcano will battle in the race to 11 semifinals. Here are the complete results of the last 8 matches:

Dennis Orcullo(PHL) 11 – 2 Daryl Peach(GBR)
Ronnie Alcano(PHL) 11 -10 Toru Kuribayashi(JPN)
Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 11 – 10. Vicenc io Tanio(PHL)
Mark Gray(GBR) 11 – 9 Shane Van Boening(USA)

Semifinal Pairings:

Orcullo vs. Alcano

Akakariyama vs. Gray

World 9 Ball Championships: 3 Pinoys left in the Quarterfinal

1 07 2011
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Doha, Qatar– After the tough Round of 32 and Round of 16 matches, 3 Filipino cue masters are left to vie for the 2011 World 9-Ball Championships. They are World No.1 Dennis Orcullo, 2006 World Champion Ronnie Alcano, and OFW Vivencio Tanio.

Orcullo eliminated defending champion compatriot Francisco Bustamante 11-6.  He will next face Daryl Peach of Great Britain. Alcano beat Chang Yu Lun (Taipei) to end up with QF match-up against Japan’s Toru Kuribayashi.  Tanio, the coach of the UAE national team hurdled German ace Ralf Souquet 11-9.  His next opponent is Japanese Yukio Akakariyama. The last QF pairing pits Shane Van Boening(USA) against Mark Gray(GBR) . The quarterfinal matches will be race to 11.

So, there 3 Pinoys left along with 2 Japanese, 2 Brits and 1 American.  It will be another exciting round.

Here are the complete results of the Top 16:

Vicenc io Tanio(PHL) 11 – 9 Ralf Souquet(GER)
Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 11 – 9 Carlo Biado(PHL) vs
Mark Gray(GBR) 11 – 5 Antonio Gabica(PHL)
Shane Van Boening(USA) 11 – 10 Darren Appleton(GBR) vs.
Daryl Peach(GBR) 11 – 9 Ko Pin Yi(TPE)
Toru Kuribayashi(JPN) 11 – 8 Antonio Lining(PHL)
Ronnie Alcano(PHL) 11 -9 Chang Yu Lun(TPE)
Dennis Orcullo(PHL) 11-6 Francisco Bustamante(PHL)

2011 World 9 Ball Championship: Partial Round of 64 Results

30 06 2011

Doha, Qatar– Here are the initial results of the knockout stages of the 2011 World 9 Ball Championships.

Ralf Souquet(GER) 11 – 5 Serge Das(Bel)
Mariusz Skoneczny(POL) 11 – 7 Radislaw Babica(POL)
Li Lo Wen(JPN) 11 – 7 Thorsten Hohmann(GER)
Carlo Dalmatin(CRO) 11 – 7 Hsu Kai Lun(TPE)
Lee Van Corteza(PHL) 11 – 5 Oliver Medenilla(PHL)
Vicencio Tanio(PHL) 11 – 7 Nick van den Berg(NED)
Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 11 – 7 Soheil Vahedi(IRI)
Carlo Biado(PHL) 11 – 6 Takhti Zarekani(IRI)
Antonio Gabica(PHL) 11 – 10 Mika Immonen(FIN)
Chris Melling(GBR) 11 – 2 Hwang Yong(KOR)
Darren Appleton(GBR) 11-6 Dang Jin Hu(CHN)
Shane Van Boening(USA) 11- 8 Konstantin Stepanov(RUS)
Naoyuki Oi(JPN) 11- 4 Imran Majid(GBR)
Mark Gray(GBR) 11 – 10 Kuo Po Cheng(TPE)
Allan Cuartero(PHL) 11 – 9 Ahmad Taufiq Binh Murni(BRU)
Chang Jun Lin(TPE) 11 – 5 Joven Alba(PHL)

Round of 32 Match-ups
Ralf Souquet vs. Mariusz Skoneczny
Lo Li Wen Vs. Vicencio Tanio
Carlo Dalmatin vs. Yukio Akakariyama
Lee Van Corteza vs. Carlo Biado
Antonio Gabica vs. Naoyuki Oi
Chris Melling vs. Mark Gray
Darren Appleton vs. Alan Cuartero
Shane Van Boening vs. Chang Jun Lin

The 16 other slots in the round of 32 will be known later. So far, 5 Filipinos have qualified in the round of 32 led by Antonio Gabica who stunned Mika Immonen 11-10 in their round of 64 match. The Philippines is actually assured 1 slot in the Round of 16 since Lee Van Corteza and Carlo Biado will slug it out in the next round.

If you need instant updates and scores, just follow WPA on Twitter. Twitter user name is @poolwpa. Click this link: http://twitter.com/poolwpa to go directly to their Twitter page.

2011 World 9-Ball Championships: Day 3 Results

28 06 2011
Francisco Bustamante

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Doha, Qatar- A sizable number of Filipino pool players advanced to the round of 64 after winning their winner’s bracket match-ups on Day 3. Group A was dominated by the legendary Efren “Bata” Reyes and Dennis Orcullo while Django Bustamante and Carlo Biado qualified from Group D.  The losers will still have a chance to qualify in the knockout stage but only if they win their matched tomorrow. Ronnie Alcano and MArcus Chamat are among today’s losers. Here are the complete results:

1st Session

Group A Winners Bracket

Dennis Orcullo(PHL) 9 – 3 Jalal Yousef(VEN)
Efren Reyes(PHL) 9 – 3 Konstantin Stepanov(RUS)

Group B Winners Bracket

Chris Orme(CAN) 9 – 0 Fu Jan Bo(CHN)
Chris Melling(GBR) 9 – 2 Lo Li Wen(JPN)

Group C Winners Bracket

Roman Hybler(CZE) 9 – 5 Muhammad Zulfikri(INA)
Carlos Cabello(ESP) 9 – 4 Fu Chei Wei(TPE)

Group D Winners Bracket

Carlo Biado(PHL) 9 – 2 Lee Gun Jae(KOR)
Francisco Bustamante(PHL) 9 – 4 Alazmi Majed(KUW)

Group E Winners Bracket

Ko Puo Cheng(TPE) 9 – 1 Christian Tuvi(URU)
Imran Majid(GBR) 9 – 7 Manuel Gama(POR)

Group F Winners Bracket

Mika Immonen(FIN) 9 – 2 Hwang Yong(KOR)
Stephan Cohen(FRA) 9 – 6 Dhang Jinhu(CHN)

2nd Session

Group G Winners Bracket

Thorsten Hohmann(GER) 9 – 4 Majed Waleed(QAT)
Oliver Medenilla(PHL) 9 – 6 Nguyen Phuong Thao(VIE)

Group H Winners Bracket

Jeffrey De Luna(PHL) 9 – 4 Riyan Setiawan(INA)
Huidji See(NED) 9 – 2 Takhti Zarekani(IRI)

Group I Winners Bracket

Chang Jung Lin(TPE) 9 – 1 Soheil Vahedi(IRI)
Karl Boyes(GBR) 9 – 0 Lee Chenman(HKG)

Group J Winners Bracket

Ralf Souquet(GER) 9 – 1 Sundeep Gulati(IND)
Shane Van Boening(USA) 9 – 8 Wu Jiaqing(CHN)

Group K Winners Bracket

Darren Appleton(GBR) 9 – 5 Bader Al Awadi(KUW)
Chang Yu Lun(TPE) 9 – 3 Israel Rota(PHL-QAT)

Group L Winners Bracket

Alan Cuartero(PHL-KUW) 9 – 5 Marcus Chamat(SWE)
Raj Hundal(IND) 9 – 8 Naoyuki Oi(JPN)

3rd Session

Group M Winners Bracket

Radoslaw Babica(POL) 9 – 8 Ronnie Alcano(PHL)
Daryl Peach(GBR) 9 – 4 Mohammad Al Hazmi(KSA)

Group N Winners Bracket

Mario He(AUT) 9 – 8 Hsu Kai Lun(TPE)
Nick Van Den Berg(NED) 9 – 5 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz(ESP)

Group O Winners Bracket

Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 9 – 3 Alok Kumar(IND)
Niels Feijen(NED) 9 – 4 Sascha Tege(GER)

Group P Winners Bracket

Antonio Lining(PHL) 9 – 4 Tohru Kouribayashi(JPN)
Carlo Dalmann(CRO) 9 – 5 Ali Saeed(UAE)