AIBA Women’s Boxing World Championships 2012: Josie Gabuco wins gold

20 05 2012

Josie Gabuco earned the Philippine‘s first ever gold medal in the history of AIBA Women’s Boxing World Championships. Gabuco beat hometown bet Xu Shiqi for the light-flyweight gold medal, 10-9.  While her victory did not give her an olympic slot, it was nevertheless a good news for Philippine boxing specially amateur boxing. With only one boxer going to London, the well-funded Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP) are looking for new heroes to show that the country is still relevant in the olympic sport which we used to dominate in the Asian level. Gabuco is no stranger in giving the country honor as she is a back to back Southeast Asian games gold medal winner and a bronze medallist in the 2008 women’s boxing world championships.

Here are the other results of the final matches:


 XU Shiqi                 9

 GABUCO Josie    10


 REN Cancan        14

 ADAMS Nicola    10 


 GORDINI Terry                      10

 KULESHOVA Aleksandra    16


 BROWN Tiara    24

 KRUK Sandra    21


 TAYLOR Katie       11

 OCHIGAVA Sofya    7


 STELMACH Magdalena    5

 PAK Kyong                      10


 ADULINA Mariia    14

 MILLER Raquel       8


 VYSTROPOVA Elena       15

 MARSHALL Savannah    17


 YUAN Meiqing          18

 CREWS Franchon    11


 LI Yunfei                             21

 MAMATKULOVA Yulduz    13

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AIBA Women’s Boxing World Championships 2012: Josie Gabuco gains finals slot

19 05 2012

Qinhuangdao, ChinaFilipina Light-flyweight Josie Gabuco won over Russian Svetlana Gnevenova, 12-7 to set up a finals match against  Xu Shiqi of host China in the 2012 World Championships. Gabuco is already assured of a silver.  There will be no olympics slots at stake because light-flyweight is not included in the weight classes for the 2012 London Games.

Semi-finals Results:

Women’s Light-flyweight (Non-Olympic)

 XU Shiqi                     17

 KYZAIBAY Nazym    10

 GABUCO Josie               12

 GNEVANOVA Svetlana    7

Flyweight (Olympic)

 REN Cancan                      27

 MICHALCZUK Karolina    18

 SAVELYEVA Elena    6

 ADAMS Nicola          11


Bantamweight (Non-Olympic)

 CRUZ Christina     7

 GORDINI Terry    11

 LIU Kejia                               10

 KULESHOVA Aleksandra    19

Featherweight (Non-Olympic)

 BROWN Tiara              22 

 STANEVA Svetlana    14 

 WHITESIDE Lisa Jane    16
 KRUK Sandra                  26

Lightweight (Olympic event)

 TAYLOR Katie             16

 CHORIEVA Mavzuna    6

 OCHIGAVA Sofya    18

 JONAS Natasha      10

Light-Welterweight (Non-Olympic)

 STELMACH Magdalena    14

 ABRAMOVA Daria            10

 PAK Kyong           25

 MAYER Mikaela    24

Welterweight (Non-Olympic)

 de JONG Marie     10

 ADULINA Mariia    18

 MILLER Raquel      13

 POTEYEVA Irina    10

Middleweight (Olympic)

 LAURELL Anna             15

 VYSTROPOVA Elena    16

 MARSHALL Savannah     18

 TORLOPOVA Nadezda    10

Light-Heavyweight (Non-Olympic)

 YUAN Meiqing           23

 KOSOVA Svetlana    13 

 CREWS Franchon    22

 NAGY Timea              8

Heavyweight (Non-Olympic)

 LI Yunfei                     25

 SINETSKAYA Irina    15

 MAMATKULOVA Yulduz    15 

 Kavita                                     9