Ronda Pilipinas 2013 Stage 2: Philippine Navy dominates; Calderon wins stage

13 01 2013

Route: Ipil to Pagadian City (123 km)

Stage Honors

  1. Joel Calderon (V-Mobile/Smart) 3:27:53
  2. Ronald Gorantes (Roadbike Philippines/RTS) 4 seconds behind
  3. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 6 seconds behind
Top 3 teams of Stage 2
  1. Philippine Navy/ Standard Insurance 10:24:27
  2. Roadbike Philippines/RTS 2:39 behind
  3. V-Mobile/Smart 3:44 behind
Top 10 in Individual Over-all Classification after 2 stages (Red Jersey)
  1. Santy Barnachea (Philippine Navy/ Standard Insurance) 06:35:18
  2. Tomas Martinez (Team Tarlac) 00:02:01 behind
  3. Ronald Gorantes (Roadbike Philippines/RTS) 00:03:00 behind
  4. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:03:01 behind
  5. Joel Calderon (V-Mobile/Smart) 00:03:09 behind
  6. George Oconer (Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance) 00:03:16 behind
  7. Marcelo Feilipe (V-Mobile/Smart) 00:03:19 behind
  8. Reynaldo Navarro (Hundred Islands/Pangasinan) 00:03:38 behind
  9. Lloyd Lucien Reynante (Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance) 00:03:39 behind
  10. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:03:41 behind

Top 5 Teams Overall after 2 stages

  1. Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance 19:50:47
  2. V-Mobile/Smart 00:02:21 behind
  3. Roadbike Philippines/RTS 00:04:38 behind
  4. American Vinyl/LPGMA 00:06:22 behind
  5. Team Tarlac 00:10:04 behind

Top 5 in Best Young Rider Classification (Yellow/Gold Jersey)

  1. George Oconer (Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance)  06:38:34
  2. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:00:58 behind
  3. Vicente Vicmar (Mindanao/Cycleline Butuan) 00:01:17 behind
  4. Ronald Oranza (PLDT/Spyder) 00:01:55 behind
  5. Marvin Tapic (Y101FM/Cebu) 00:02:47 behind

Top Sprinter (Blue Jersey):

  1. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 24 pts
  2. Ericson Obosa (Roadbike Philippines/RTS) 24 pts
  3. Santy Barnachea (Philippine Navy/ Standard Insurance) 23 points

King of the Mountain (White Jersey):

  1. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 6 pts
  2. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 4 pts
  3. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 4 pts

Ronda Stage 2 Jersey leaders (photo from

Stage 2 of Ronda Pilipinas 2013 was won by V-Mobili-Smart’s Joel Calderon as he cruised to a solo finish.  He was followed by Roadbike Philippines’ Ronal Gorantes who crossed the finish line after 4 seconds.  The last podium finisher was American Vinyl’s Irish Valenzuela who out sprinted youngster George Oconer for 3rd place.

Even if the team did not have a rider in the podium, Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance team grabbed the team owners. The red jersey for overall individual classification is now being worn by Navy’s Santy Barnachea. Teammate George Oconer is the yellow/gold jersey holder and is 6th overall. Perennial contender Lloyd Lucien Reynante is at 9th to be the third Navy cyclist to be in the top ten.   Having 3 of the Top 10 riders after 2 stages made it possible for the  Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance team to hold a 2:21 lead over equal star-studded V-Mobile/Smart for the overall team classification.  Amrican Vinyl/ LPGMA dominated the points races as Cris Joven and Irish Valenzuela got hold of the sprint and king of the mountains leadership respectively.

Ronda’s stage 3 will take the cyclists to Iligan.  The group will then travel to Cebu then have 2 days off before racing for Stage 4 and 5 at the Queen City of South for the Visayas leg of the tour.