2011 World 9 Ball Championship: Partial Round of 64 Results

30 06 2011

Doha, Qatar– Here are the initial results of the knockout stages of the 2011 World 9 Ball Championships.

Ralf Souquet(GER) 11 – 5 Serge Das(Bel)
Mariusz Skoneczny(POL) 11 – 7 Radislaw Babica(POL)
Li Lo Wen(JPN) 11 – 7 Thorsten Hohmann(GER)
Carlo Dalmatin(CRO) 11 – 7 Hsu Kai Lun(TPE)
Lee Van Corteza(PHL) 11 – 5 Oliver Medenilla(PHL)
Vicencio Tanio(PHL) 11 – 7 Nick van den Berg(NED)
Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 11 – 7 Soheil Vahedi(IRI)
Carlo Biado(PHL) 11 – 6 Takhti Zarekani(IRI)
Antonio Gabica(PHL) 11 – 10 Mika Immonen(FIN)
Chris Melling(GBR) 11 – 2 Hwang Yong(KOR)
Darren Appleton(GBR) 11-6 Dang Jin Hu(CHN)
Shane Van Boening(USA) 11- 8 Konstantin Stepanov(RUS)
Naoyuki Oi(JPN) 11- 4 Imran Majid(GBR)
Mark Gray(GBR) 11 – 10 Kuo Po Cheng(TPE)
Allan Cuartero(PHL) 11 – 9 Ahmad Taufiq Binh Murni(BRU)
Chang Jun Lin(TPE) 11 – 5 Joven Alba(PHL)

Round of 32 Match-ups
Ralf Souquet vs. Mariusz Skoneczny
Lo Li Wen Vs. Vicencio Tanio
Carlo Dalmatin vs. Yukio Akakariyama
Lee Van Corteza vs. Carlo Biado
Antonio Gabica vs. Naoyuki Oi
Chris Melling vs. Mark Gray
Darren Appleton vs. Alan Cuartero
Shane Van Boening vs. Chang Jun Lin

The 16 other slots in the round of 32 will be known later. So far, 5 Filipinos have qualified in the round of 32 led by Antonio Gabica who stunned Mika Immonen 11-10 in their round of 64 match. The Philippines is actually assured 1 slot in the Round of 16 since Lee Van Corteza and Carlo Biado will slug it out in the next round.

If you need instant updates and scores, just follow WPA on Twitter. Twitter user name is @poolwpa. Click this link: http://twitter.com/poolwpa to go directly to their Twitter page.

2011 World 9-Ball Championships: Day 3 Results

28 06 2011
Francisco Bustamante

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Doha, Qatar- A sizable number of Filipino pool players advanced to the round of 64 after winning their winner’s bracket match-ups on Day 3. Group A was dominated by the legendary Efren “Bata” Reyes and Dennis Orcullo while Django Bustamante and Carlo Biado qualified from Group D.  The losers will still have a chance to qualify in the knockout stage but only if they win their matched tomorrow. Ronnie Alcano and MArcus Chamat are among today’s losers. Here are the complete results:

1st Session

Group A Winners Bracket

Dennis Orcullo(PHL) 9 – 3 Jalal Yousef(VEN)
Efren Reyes(PHL) 9 – 3 Konstantin Stepanov(RUS)

Group B Winners Bracket

Chris Orme(CAN) 9 – 0 Fu Jan Bo(CHN)
Chris Melling(GBR) 9 – 2 Lo Li Wen(JPN)

Group C Winners Bracket

Roman Hybler(CZE) 9 – 5 Muhammad Zulfikri(INA)
Carlos Cabello(ESP) 9 – 4 Fu Chei Wei(TPE)

Group D Winners Bracket

Carlo Biado(PHL) 9 – 2 Lee Gun Jae(KOR)
Francisco Bustamante(PHL) 9 – 4 Alazmi Majed(KUW)

Group E Winners Bracket

Ko Puo Cheng(TPE) 9 – 1 Christian Tuvi(URU)
Imran Majid(GBR) 9 – 7 Manuel Gama(POR)

Group F Winners Bracket

Mika Immonen(FIN) 9 – 2 Hwang Yong(KOR)
Stephan Cohen(FRA) 9 – 6 Dhang Jinhu(CHN)

2nd Session

Group G Winners Bracket

Thorsten Hohmann(GER) 9 – 4 Majed Waleed(QAT)
Oliver Medenilla(PHL) 9 – 6 Nguyen Phuong Thao(VIE)

Group H Winners Bracket

Jeffrey De Luna(PHL) 9 – 4 Riyan Setiawan(INA)
Huidji See(NED) 9 – 2 Takhti Zarekani(IRI)

Group I Winners Bracket

Chang Jung Lin(TPE) 9 – 1 Soheil Vahedi(IRI)
Karl Boyes(GBR) 9 – 0 Lee Chenman(HKG)

Group J Winners Bracket

Ralf Souquet(GER) 9 – 1 Sundeep Gulati(IND)
Shane Van Boening(USA) 9 – 8 Wu Jiaqing(CHN)

Group K Winners Bracket

Darren Appleton(GBR) 9 – 5 Bader Al Awadi(KUW)
Chang Yu Lun(TPE) 9 – 3 Israel Rota(PHL-QAT)

Group L Winners Bracket

Alan Cuartero(PHL-KUW) 9 – 5 Marcus Chamat(SWE)
Raj Hundal(IND) 9 – 8 Naoyuki Oi(JPN)

3rd Session

Group M Winners Bracket

Radoslaw Babica(POL) 9 – 8 Ronnie Alcano(PHL)
Daryl Peach(GBR) 9 – 4 Mohammad Al Hazmi(KSA)

Group N Winners Bracket

Mario He(AUT) 9 – 8 Hsu Kai Lun(TPE)
Nick Van Den Berg(NED) 9 – 5 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz(ESP)

Group O Winners Bracket

Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 9 – 3 Alok Kumar(IND)
Niels Feijen(NED) 9 – 4 Sascha Tege(GER)

Group P Winners Bracket

Antonio Lining(PHL) 9 – 4 Tohru Kouribayashi(JPN)
Carlo Dalmann(CRO) 9 – 5 Ali Saeed(UAE)

World 9-Ball Championships: Day 2 Results

27 06 2011
German pool player Oliver Ortmann at the Europ...

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Doha, Qatar-  Here the group results in Day 2 of the world’s premier 9-ball tournament.

Group L

Ronnie Alcano(PHL) 9 — 5 Hamzah Al Saeed(ERI)
Radoslaw Babica(POL) 9 — 8 Raymund Faron(PHL-UAE)
Mohammad Al Hazmi (SYR)9 –6 Nguyen Phuc Long(VIE)
Daryl Peach(GBR) 9 – 5 Keng Kwang Chan(SIN)

Group N

Marlo He(AUT) 9 – 3 Lui Haitao(CHN)
Hsu Kai Lun(TPE) 9 –6 Khamis Obaidly(QAT)
Nick Van den Berg(NED)9 — 4 Omar Al Omari(KSA)
Francisco Sanchez Ruiz(ESP) 9 — 6 Mohamad Asfari(SYR)

Group O

Yukio Akakariyama(JPN) 9 — 8 Mohammed Al Bin Ali(QAT)
Alok Kumar(IND) 9 – 4 Desmond Goh Teck(SIN)
Niels Feijen(NED) 9 – 4 Tamoo Takano(JPN)
Sascha-Andrej Tege(GER) 9 – 0 Badr Al Hamdan(KSA)

Group P

Antonio Lining(PHL) 9—4 Liu Cheng Cheih
Ali Saeed(UAE) 9 –1 Ramiz Turulja(BAN)
Tohru Kuribayashi(JPN) 9 — 6 Oliver Ortmann(GER)
Carlo Dalmatin(CRO) 9 – 2 Taher Hussain(QAT)

Group A Losers Bracket

Mark Gray(GBR) 9 –7 Vilmos Foldes(HUN)
Mohanna Obaidly(QAT) 9 — 6 Andrew Kong(HKG)

Group B Losers Bracket

Ali Berjawi, Mohamad(LEB) 9 — 8 Henriqu Correia(POR)
Antonio Gabica(PHL) 9—4 Majed Al Zaab(UAE)

Group C Losers Bracket

Han Hao Xiang(CHN)9 –8 Jason Klatt(CAN)
Omaral Shaheeme( KUW) 9 – 6 Abdulmajed Hussain

Group D Losers Bracket

Caneda Villamor(PHL) 9—1 Jon Grimley(NZL)
Scott Higgin(GBR) 9—8 Petri Makkonen(FIN)


2011 World 9-ball Championship Early Results

26 06 2011
Billiard Palacade

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Al Sadd Sports Club, Doha, Qatar – Here are the results of the matches in Day 1 of the World 9-Ball Championships:

Group A
Dennis Orcullo(PHL) 9—4 Andrew Kong(HKG)
Jalal Yousef(VEN) 9—4 Mohanna Obaidly(QAT)
Efren Reyes(PHL) 9—8 Mark Gray(GBR)
Konstantin Stepanov(RUS) 9—7Vilmos Foldes(HUN)

Group B

Fu Jan Bo(CHN) 9—8 Henrique Correia(POR)
Chris Orme( CAN ) 9—4 Ali Berjaoui Mohamad(LEB)
Chris Melling(GBR) 9—8 Antonio Gabica (PHL)
Lo Li Wen(JPN) 9—6 Majeed Al Zaab( KUW )

Group C

Roman Hybler (CZE) 9—5 Jason Klatt(CAN)
Muhamed Zulfikri (INA) 9—6 Han Hao Xiang(CHN)
Fu Che Wei(TPE) 9—5 Bashar Hussain(QAT)
Carlo Cabello(ESP) 9—4 Omarai Shaheeme(KUW)

Group D

Francisco Bustamante(PHL) 9—7 Canedo Villamor(PHL)
Carlo Biado(PHL) 9—5 Petri Makkonen(FIN)
Majide Alazme(KUW) 9—6 Jon Grimley(NZL)
Lee Gun Jai(KOR)9 – 6 Scott Higgins(GBR)

Group E

Kuo Po Cheng(TPE) 9—7 Murni, Ahmad Taufi(BRU)
Manuel Gama(POR) 9—8 Roberto Gomez(PHL)
Imran Majid(GBR) 9—4 Naeem Ali, Ahmed(JOR)
Meshel Turkey(QAT) 9—7 Christian Tuvi(URU)

Group F

Mika Immonen(FIN) 9—3 Hanni Al Howri(UAE)
Dang Jin-Hu(CHN) 9—3 David Alcaide(ESP)
Stephen Cohen(FRA) 9—Ko Ping Chung(TPE) 7
Hwang Yong(KOR) 9— 4 Martin Daigle(CAN)

Asian Games Basketball: Smart Gilas rips Qatar

17 11 2010

A day after losing to the formidable Iranian team, the Smart Gilas Philippine National Basketball team beat up an ailing Qatar national squad 90-68.  The Gilas finally showed what there offense can do and was able to limit another opponent under 70 points. JV Casio led 5 other players in double figures to rout Qatar.  Casio sizzled with 22 points.  The PH quintet led all the way and has evened their record to 1-1 in Group F competitions. Next up for the national squad is Japan.

Upcoming Schedule:

November 19 (9:30pm) PHL v Japan
Novembe r21 (9:30pm) PHL v India
November 22 (9:30pm) PHL v Taipei

Other results for the Filipino Athletes:

Mark Eddiva won a bronze medal in wushu to up the Philippine medal tally to 1-0-3 (G-S-B)

caloycomment: With the win, the path to the quarterfinals is quiet clear.  I just hope that they will sweep the rest of the Group F games so that they can get a favorable match-up in the next round. For the rest of the athletes, I hope a new hero will emerge in the next few days because the performance of our delegation is somehow lackluster. I hope the well-funded boxing team will start making us proud.

Asian Games Football: Most Famous Miss eliminates defending champs

17 11 2010
Shirt badge/Association crest

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Many called it Qatarstrophe.  Some call it the worst miss ever.  What ever you call it, the miss by Qatari youngster Fahad Khalfan cost the Qatar a spot in the quarterfinals and a chance to defend its Asian Games football crown.  The sorry miss has been viewed at Youtube and other social networking sites by millions has brought the young Qatar forward some “fame”.  Qater lost to Uzbekistan 0-1 when the latter scored in extra time.

caloycomment: He is lucky that he is not from South America because chances are some fanatic would try to kill him when he gets home like  Andres’ Escobar of Colombia. I also hope that Qatar will not send him to a coal mine.  Losing football matches are so much of a big deal in some parts of the world. It was tough for him and hopefully he will recover.

Asian Games: PH 5 loses to Iran

17 11 2010
Chris Tiu

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The Smart Gilas Basketball Team lost to the reigning FIBA-Asia champions Iran at the start of Group F competitions of the Asian Games Basketball tournament.  The offense was not able to penetrate the vise-like defense of the Iranians.  The Philippines only managed to score 48 against the 65 of Iran.

Chris Tiu led the scoring with 14 points buoyed by his 4-5 shooting in the 3-point range. Unfortunately he also had 5 of the teams 25 turnovers. Kelly Williams had 8 points and 13 rebounds.

The Smart-Gilas will next face Qatar tonight at Huangpu Gymnasium.

Update: Philippines rip Qatar 90-68, will face Japan next

Other Notable results for the Philippine Asian Games team:

65 kg sanshou of wushu : Mark Eddiva battles China’s Junyon Zhang for a spot in the finals. Eddiva is assured of a bronze

Swimming: Men’s 4 X 100 team is in the finals after finishing with the 6th best time.

Billiards: Iris Ranola beats Haifa’a Alanser of Athletes from Kuwait (9-ball women); Rey Grandea beats Thailand’s Thongchai Punyawee (carom 3 cushions)

caloycomment: Well, I expected them to lose against Iran even without its NBA star. This team was not built to win the Asian Games.  I just hope that they can somehow find the chemistry to be competitive in this tournament.  The talent in the Asian Games is quiet high and it seems that the country has not kept up with its neighbors.  I have read comments that we should not have sent mediocre athletes because we are just wasting money.  I totally disagree. How can we gauge our talent-level if we do not expose our athletes to tough competitions? I think the government though should focus on certain sports that we have infrastructure, and body-type to win. They should not care much about popularity since it will come when the athletes start winning.