Ronda Pilipinas 2012 Stage 8 Recap

2 06 2012

Route: Daet, Camarines Norte to Lucena City  (209.2 Kms)

Stage Honors

  1. Sherwin Diamsay (One Tarlac) 5:16:36
  2. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 1:26
  3. Nino Surban (Y101FM/Cebu ) 1:36
Top 3 teams of Stage 8
  1. One Tarlac 15:53:00
  2. American Vinyl/LPGMA 1:26 behind
  3. Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance 3:19 behind
Top 7 in Individual Over-all Classification after 8 stages (Red Jersey)
  1. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 32:49:51 (Up from No.4)
  2. Ronald Gorantes (Metro Manila) 00:01:33 behing (up from No.6)
  3. Oscar Rindole (V-Mobile) 00:01:36 behind (same)
  4. Tomas Martinez (One Tarlac) 00:02:07 behind
  5. Joseph Millanes (One Tarlac) 00:02:17 behind (down from No.2)
  6. Rey Martin (V-Mobile) 00:02:24 behind (down from No.5)
  7. Harvey Sicam (Eastern Pangasinan) 00:03:12

Top 4 Teams Overall after 8 stages

  1. One Tarlac 97:35:31 
  2. V-Mobile 00:05:11 behind
  3. Metro Manila 00:06:07 behind
  4. Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance 00:06:12 behind

Top 4 in Best Young Rider Classification (Yellow/Gold Jersey)

  1. George Oconer (RP Team) 32:57:31
  2. Denver Casayuran (Metro Manila) 00:02:43 behind
  3. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:06:39 behind
  4. John Rene Mier (Philippine Army/RC Cola) 00:06:58 behind

Top Sprinter (Blue Jersey):

  1. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 69 pts
  2. Warren Davadilla (Metro Manila) 45 pts (wears blue jersey as Joven is red jersey holder)
  3. Orly Villanueva (V-Mobile) / Rustom Lim (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 43 pts

King of the Mountain (White Jersey):

  1. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 24 pts
  2. Mark John Lexer Galedo (Roadbike Philippines) 12 pts
  3. Baler Ravina (Roadbike Philippines) 11 pts

A major shuffle on overall standings is one of the highlights of  Stage 8 of the Ronda Pilipinas 2012. Baler Ravina has relinquished his red jersey as he slumped to 71st of 77 finishers in the difficult stage 8. Ravina finished 11:14  behind eventual stage winner Sherwin Diamsay of One Tarlac.  The disappointing performance caused Ravina to slide 18th in the overall classification.  He now trails new red jersey wearer Cris Joven of American Vinyl by 7:47.  Diamsay won the stage via solo finish and the next finisher was King of the Mountain leader Irish Valenzuela who was 1:26 behind.  SEA Games medallist Nino Surban of Cebu out-sprinted 14 others to secure 3rd place stage honors.

In the team standings, V-Mobile finally succumbed to the pressure brought by eventual overall leader One Tarlac.  Their 7 second advantage was easily wiped by the stage win of Diamsay.  V-Mobile now trails One Tarlac by over five minutes.  There were 8 bikers who failed to make the minimum time in the stage does eliminating them from the Ronda. Only 77 bikers are left to compete in Stage 9.

Diamsay and Martinez leads the One Tarlac onslaught


Ronda Pilipinas 2012 Stage 6 Recap

30 05 2012

Route: Tacloban City to Calbayog City (160 Kms)

Stage Honors

  1. Sherwin Diamsay (One Tarlac) 3:58:22
  2. Jay Tolentino (Mindanao) same
  3. Warren Davadilla (Metro Manila) 24 seconds behind
Top 3 teams of Stage 6
  1. One Tarlac 11:56:57
  2. Mindanao 1:46 behind
  3. Y101FM/Cebu 3:09 behind
Top 6 in Individual Over-all Classification after 6 stages (Red Jersey)
  1. Baler Ravina (Roadbike Philippines) 24:53:59
  2. Joseph Millanes (One Tarlac) 00:00:59 behind (up from No. 5)
  3. Oscar Rindole (V-Mobile) 00:01:37 behind (down from No.2)
  4. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:01:56 behind (down from No.3)
  5. Rey Martin (V-Mobile) 00:02:25 behind (down from No.4)
  6. Ronald Gorantes (Metro Manila) 00:00:03:24 behind

Top 3 Teams Overall after 6 stages

  1. V-Mobile 73:54:58
  2. One Tarlac 00:00:07 behind
  3. Roadbike Philippines 00:01:33 behind

Top 3 in Best Young Rider Classification (Yellow/Gold Jersey)

  1. George Oconer (RP Team) 25:00:21
  2. Danver Casayuran (Metro Manila) 00:05:52 behind
  3. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:06:42 behind

Top Sprinter (Blue Jersey): Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA)

King of the Mountain (White Jersey): Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA)

Stage 6 was won by One Tarlac’s Sherwin Diamsay after Mindanao’s Jay Tolentino in the final sprint.  3rd place honors was captured by veteran Warren Davadilla.  It was a big day for One Tarlac as they best all the teams in Stage 6. The victory enable the team from Tarlac to just trail V-Mobile by mere 7 seconds in the over-all classification.  One Tarlac’s Joseph Millanes also leapfrogged from 5th over-all to 2nd after finishing 4th in the stage. Millanes trails Red Jersey holder Baler Ravina by 59 seconds as he gained 39 seconds in Stage 6.  There was no change in the jersey wearers.

Diamsay wins Stage 6