2011 PartyPoker.Net World Cup of Pool Finals: Germany trounces Thailand

11 09 2011
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Quezon City, PhilippinesRalf Souquet capped one of the best 2 weeks in his pool career as he spearheaded the German team to capture the World Cup of Pool crown a week after he won the World Pool Masters. In the World Cup, he partnered with an equally on-form Thorsten Hohmann . Together they beat a surprising Thai pair of  Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Kobkit Palajin in the finals to bag the World Cup trophy and $60,000 prize money. The Thais bagged $30,ooo as the second prize.

In the finals, the Germans let the Thai took the first rack after a Hohmann miscue. They countered by winning an amazing 8 straight racks to take an insurmountable 8-1 lead. The Germans held on for a 10-4 victory.

Germany became the first World Cup of Pool winner from Europe. The past 2 editions were dominated by Asian teams (2009 Philippines, 2010 China). This year, Asia had 3 of the 4 semifinal spots but in the end, Germany was too strong for Korea, and Thailand. They also beat 2009 Champs Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante as well as Team Australia en route to becoming the 2011 World Cup of Pool Champions.

The PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool featured 32 two-player teams representing 31 nations. The total prize-pool was $250,000 with $60,000 going to the champions. The title for the event was PartyPoker.net, the world’s leading online poker school. The tournament was held at the Block Atrium at SM City North EDSA.

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2011 PartyPoker.Net Semifinal Results: Germany, Thailand clinched final spots

11 09 2011
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Germany battled from a 2-6 deficit to eke out a victory from the on-form Korean pair. Korea‘s Lee Gun Jae & Hwang Yong were having a comfortable lead after winning 4 straight racks starting from the 5th. They gave Ralf Souquet & Thorsten Hohmann a chance, the German pounced on it to equalize at 6-all then lead 8-6. It was 6 straight racks for the Germans after losing 4 straight. Korea won the 15th to get closer but lost the battles of safeties in the 16th rack to give the Germany tandem the win, 9-7. It is the 2nd World Cup of Pool final for Team Germany.


The Thai pair of Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Kobkit Palajin  beat team Taiwan of Ko Pin-yi & Ko Ping-chun. The Ko brothers who came of a hill-hill victory over the very strong Orcollo-Alcano tandem, came of short as they did not survive the fast start of the unheralded Thai pair. Thailand took a 3-0 lead then a 6-2 before finishing off the Taiwanese at 9-3. Thailand will now face the formidable German tandem in the final.

Semifinal Recap:

Just like the other rounds, the semifinal had a big surprise. Only few believed that the Thais can reach this far but they have making believers out of many billiard fans. Will the Cinderella run continue? We will know in a while.

Update: Germany beats Thailand for the World Cup of Pool title

2011 PartyPoker.Net World Cup of Pool Quarterfinal Results: Philippine Teams eliminated

10 09 2011
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Here are the results of tonight’s quarterfinal matches of the 2011 World Cup of Pool:

Sweden 5 vs. 9 Korea

The pairing Lee Gun Jae & Hwang Yong has reached the semifinals of the 2011 World Cup of Pool as they beat Sweden’s Marcus Chamat & Thomas Mehtala. The surprising Koreans blitzed the Swedes to a 6-2 lead then held on to win 9-5.

(4) Germany 9 vs. 1 (5) Philippines B

Ralf SouquetThorsten Hohmann of Germany never gave a chance to the legendary pair of Efren Reyes & Francisco Bustamante from the host country to win convincingly their quarterfinal duel 9-1. The Filipino pair did not take advantage of the poor breaking of the Germans as they missed several makable  shots. Ralf Souquet is going deep again in a tournament held at the Block Atrium at SM City North Edsa. The Germans will be facing Korea in the semifinals.

(11) Poland 6 vs. 9 Thailand

After beating two Southeast Asian teams in the past 2 rounds, the Polish team of Karol Skowerski & Radoslaw Babica faced a Thai team of Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Kobkit Palajin with great confidence. The Thai team however, showed that they belong to this tournament that pits the worlds best as they battled Team Poland rack for rack to eventually grab the lead for good at the 11th rack for 6-5 score. They held on to win 9-6 and grabbed a spot in the Final 4.

(7) Taiwan 9 vs. 8 Philippines A

The last game of the round turned out to be the best among the 4 pairings. Team Taiwan of Ko Pin-yi & Ko Ping-chun battled the Philippine’s Dennis Orcollo & Ronnie Alcano in a hill-hill encounter. The Philippines started the game strong to grab 3-rack leads at 4-1 and 5-2. The Ko brothers won 5 straight racks to silence the home crowd at 7-5. The teams split the next 2 racks to put the Taiwenese at the hill 8-6. A dry break from Team Taiwan brought the World’s No.1 and No.3 ranked players back at the table and they did not disappoint as they leveled the match at 8-8. A sorry miss by Alcano in the last rack gave the Taiwenese the victory, 9-8. It’s going to be Taiwan vs. Thailand in the second semifinal pairing.

Day 5 Recap (September 10, 2011): The 2 teams from the host country fell today. One was routed. The other one lost in a heartbreaker. It was tough but as the saying goes, anything can happen. That is the beauty of a single elimination tournament.

It is going to be Germany vs. Korea and Taipei vs. Thailand. 3 Asian teams have made it to the Final 4. Germany is the lone European team but it is the highest seed left. Expect the unexpected in tomorrow’s games.

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2011 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool Quarterfinal Pairings

10 09 2011

It’s Day 5 of the World Cup of Pool and there are only 8 teams left in the tournament. Here are the quarterfinal pairings of the 2011 World Cup of Pool:

Sweden vs. Korea

Sweden – Marcus Chamat & Thomas Mehtala

Korea – Lee Gun Jae & Hwang Yong

Previous opponents:

Sweden: vs. (16) Indonesia 8-7; vs. Switzerland 8-6

Korea: vs. (8) Spain 8-5; vs. (9) Japan 8-6

(5) Philippines B vs. (4) Germany

Philippines B – Efren Reyes & Francisco Bustamante

Germany – Ralf SouquetThorsten Hohmann

Previous opponents:

Philippines B: vs. Kuwait 8-4; vs. India 8-5

Germany: vs. Australia 8-0; vs. Malaysia 8-3

Thailand vs. (11) Poland

Thailand – Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Kobkit Palajin

Poland – Karol Skowerski & Radoslaw Babica

Previous opponents:

Thailand: vs. (14) Holland 8-4; vs. Estonia 8-4

Poland: vs. Vietnam 8-0; vs. Singapore 8-3

(7) Taiwan vs. (2) Philippines A

Taiwan – Ko Pin-yi & Ko Ping-chun

Philippines A – Dennis Orcollo & Ronnie Alcano

Previous opponents:

Taiwan: vs. Russia 8-4; vs. (10) Italy 8-7

Philippines A: vs. Austria 8-2; vs. (15) Canada 8-6

The quarterfinal matches are Race to 9. The winners will face-off in the Semifinals tomorrow.

2011 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool Day 4: Quarterfinals cast complete; Alcano-Orcollo tandem survives

9 09 2011
Thorsten Hohmann

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(9) Japan 6 vs. 8 Korea

The unheralded pair of Lee Gun Jae & Hwang Yong beat World 9-ball Champion Yukio Akagariyama and partner Lo Li-wen, 8-6 to set up a quarterfinal date with Sweden. The match was even at 3-3 before the Korean pair won 3 straight racks and then matched Japan rack for rack to win the Round of 16 match.

(4) Germany 8 vs. 3 Malaysia

Ralf Souquet continued his hot streak in Philippine soil as he paired up with Thorsten Hohmann to beat the Amir-Ooi tandem of Malaysia, 8-3 in the second round of the 2011 World Cup of Pool. Their victory earned them the right to face Efren Reyes and Django Bustamante in what could be an explosive quarterfinal encounter.  The lower ranked Malaysians were able to match the Germans early in the game to draw level at 3-3 before Soquet and Hohmann regained their first round form and win 5 straight to end the Malaysian hope in this year’s World Cup. Souquet thinks the pressure will be greater for the Philippine Team B as he said “Playing two legends in front of their home crowd maybe makes it tougher but tougher for them. They have more to lose than we do and I’m really looking forward to it and have a good feeling about it.”

Thailand 8 vs. 4 Estonia

The match between 2 giant killers ended in Thailand’s favor as they edged Estonia 8-4. Thailand beat Holland in round 1 while Estonia stunned England. Dennis Grabe & Erki Erm of Estonia we just down by one rack after the 9th game, 4-5 before Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Kobkit Palajin finished them off by winning 3 straight racks.

(11) Poland 8 vs. 3 Singapore

Poland’s Karol Skowerski & Radoslaw Babica continued their impressive form to beat another Southeast Asian pair after routing Vietnam in the 1st Round. This time they eliminated the Singapore team of Bernard Tey & Chan Keng Kwang that upset the USA in a hill-hill encounter a few days ago. The game was tied at 2-2 before Poland limited Singapore to one rack en route to an 8-3 victory. Next up for the Polish is another Southeast Asian entry in Thailand for a spot in the Final 4.

(7) Taiwan 8 vs. 7 (10) Italy

The Ko Brothers of Chinese-Taipei survived a hill-hill encounter against a tough Italian pair of Fabio Petroni & Bruno Muratore. Ko Pin-yi & Ko Ping-chun were on the hill after the 11th rack with a 7-4 which vanished after a furious rally by the Italians to tie the 2nd round match at 7-7. A dry break from Muratore handed the ball to the Taiwanese who run out the rack for the win and a place in the quarterfinals.

(2) Philippines 8 vs. (15) 6 Canada

Dennis Orcollo & Ronnie Alcano of the Philippines face Jason Klatt & John Morra of Canada for the right to face the 7th seeded Taiwan in the Quarterfinals. The game was very close early on as the 15th seeded Canadian pair took the initiative and took a 6-4 lead. The Philippines used to combination shots to level the score 6-6 before taking the lead for the first time at 7-6 on a good break by Alcano. The Philippines finished off a very good Canadian tandem in the next rack. The match gave the Filipino fans some nervous moments but eventually Orcollo and Alcano delivered a fine show.

Day 4 Recap: Save for Japan, the seeds held serve this round as teams like Germany, Taiwan, Philippines, and Poland entered the Last 8.  The pairings in the quarters are Sweden-Korea, Philippines B-Germany, Thailand- Poland, and Taiwan-Philippines A.

2011 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool: Day 3 Results; Reyes-Bustamante pair gets QF spot

8 09 2011
Pool Player Marcus Chamat

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(7) Taiwan 8 vs. 4 Russia

For the first time in World Cup of Pool history, a team composed of siblings representative a country. Taiwan’s Ko Pin-yi and brother Ko Ping-Chun faced Ruslan Chinakhov and Konstantin Stepanov of Russia. The Ko brothers prevailed, 8-4.

(10) Italy 8 vs. 6 Hong Kong

Bruno Muratore and Fabio Petroni of Italy made it 2 for 2 for the seeded teams in Day 3 as they beat Honkong represented by Lee Chenman and Kenny Kwok. Hong Kong led 6-5 before Italy won 3 straight racks. Italy will be facing Taiwan in the next round.

(11) Poland 8 vs. 0 Vietnam

Radoslaw Babica and Karol Skowerski of Poland routed 2006 Semi-finalist Vietnam represented by Luong Chi Dung and Nguyen Phuc Long. The Polish pounced on the countless mistakes of Team Vietnam to duplicate the 8-0 bashing by Germany of Australia yesterday. Poland will be Singapore’s opponent in the Round of 16.

(15) Canada 8 vs. 4 Malta

15th seed Canada represented by Jason Klatt & John Morra made it fourth straight for seeded teams as they turned a close match against Tony Drago & Alex Borg of Malta into a blowout. The game was actually tied 4-4 before Canada run off four straight racks to win the right to face the Orcollo-Alcano tandem in the 2nd round.

Round of 16

Sweden 8 vs. 6 Switzerland

In the first Round of 16 match of the day, first day winners Sweden and Switzerland battle it out for a slot in the quarterfinals. Marcus Chamat and Thomas Mehtala of Sweden survived the gritty challenge of giant killer tandem of Ronni Regli and Dimitri Jungo of Switzerland that eliminated the top-seeded China team. It was a tough pill to swallow for the Regli-Jungo pair as they were leading 4-0 early in the race to 8 match. Sweden rallied and grab their first lead at 6-5 and eventually holding on for the win and a round of 8 spot.

(5) Philippines B 8 vs. 5 India

The main event of the night was between Django and Bata against Hitman and AK 47.  Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco “Django” Bustamante won against the upset-conscious pair from India of Raj Hundal and Amar Kang, 8-5. The match was level at 4-4 before the Pinoy tandem won 3 straight racks to reach the hill at 7-4. They gave India a chance at the 12th rack but eventually faltered in the next game to give Philippines Team B a spot at the quarters. The win as well gave the crowd at the Block in SM City North EDSA a very happy night.

Day 3 recap: Unlike the previous 2 days, there was no upset in today’s matches. There are so many interesting pairings tomorrow for slots in the quarterfinals. My first round reaction

2011 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool: Round of 32 Results 9/7/11; Orcollo-Alcano also win!

7 09 2011
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(4) GERMANY 8 vs. 0 Australia

Ralf Soquet continue his hot streak in the Philippines as he paired up with Thorsten Hohmann to rout the Australian pairing of Greg Jenkins & David Rothall.  The 4th seeded German pair blanked Australia 8-0.

(13) France 6 vs. 8 MALAYSIA

Malaysia’s Ibrahim Amir & Patrick Ooi shocked the 6th-ranked French pair of Stephan Cohen & Vincent Facquet, 8-6. The game was close and it was even tied 5-5 after the 10th rack. Malaysia won two consecutive games to take the lead for good. Amir-Ooi pairing will next face Germany’s Soquet and Hohmann.

(3) England 6 vs. 8 ESTONIA

Estonia made its presence felt in their World Cup debut as they overcame the 3rd-seed Brtish pairing of Darren Appleton & Chris Melling. Dennis Grabe & Erki Erm won 2 straight games from 6-all tie to book a place in the Round of 16. Erki Erm believed that every time has chance in this tournament just like what Switzerland did to the defending champs China yesterday.

(14) Holland 4 vs. 8 THAILAND

Holland’s Huidji See & Marco Teutscher were upset by Thailand’s Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Kobkit Palajin, 4-8. Another seeded team fell as Team Thailand raced to a formidable 6-1 lead to frustrate the Dutch pair. The Thais will face the Estonians in the next round for a place in the quarterfinals.

(6) USA 7 vs. 8 SINGAPORE

USA’s Corey Deuel and Mike Dechaine showed up with a stars and stripes theme costume in their match against lowly Singapore composed of Bernard Tey & Chan Keng Kwang.  The game though was not a costume party as Singapore blitzed to a 5-1 lead. The Americans suddenly got serious to tie the match at 5-5 and even reached the hill ahead of the Singaporeans 7-6. Dechane missed the 4-ball in the 14th rack to hand over the break to Singapore in the hill-hill encounter. Singapore won the final match and send another higher seed out of the competition.

(2) PHILIPPINES A 8 vs. 2 Austria

The Filipino fans were hoping that Dennis Orcollo & Ronnie Alcano will duplicate the perfromance of the Reyes-Bustamante tandem last night. The fans who flocked to The Block in SM City North EDSA were not disappointed as No.2 seed Philippines Team A never gave the Austrian pairing Jasmin Ouschan & Mario He. Incidentally, Austria is represented by one female cue artist. The Orcollo-Alcano pairing run off with 8 straight racks after trailing 0-2 early in the match. The Philippine Team A will await the winner between Malta and Canada tomorrow.

Day 2 Recap: Just like yesterday, seeded teams are losing to lesser rank teams. Heavyweights Germany and Philippines were able to buckle the trend but England, Holland, USA were not as lucky. There will be more surprises in this year’s edition of the World Cup of Pool for sure.