2014 WPA World 9 Ball Championship: 32 players get the boot; Akagariyama ousted!

23 06 2014

From 128 pool players, the 2014 World 9 Ball Championship is now down to 96 as 32 players got eliminated in Day 2 of competitions. On Day 2, we say goodbye to the following players:

  1. Mohamed Al Hosani(UAE)
  2. Mohd Al Bin Ali(QAT)
  3. John Morra(CAN)
  4. Hasan Hwaida Idan(IRQ)
  5. Hamzaa M. Saeed Ali(ERI)
  6. Ahmad Taufiq(BRU)
  7. Mishel Turkey(QAT)
  8. Fahim Sinha(BAN)
  9. Yukio Akagariyama(JPN)
  10. Detlef Grzella(RSA)
  11. Mohamed Hamouda(EGY)
  12. Eric Lee(HKG)
  13. Karol Skowerski(POL)
  14. Abdulla Mohammad(UAE)
  15. Vilmos Foldes(HUN)
  16. Nour Wasfi Al Jarrah(JOR)
  17. Sayeem Hossain(BAN)
  18. Denis Grabe(EST)
  19. Stefan Sprangers(NED)
  20. Alejandro Carbajal(CHI)
  21. Mohammed Elassal(EGY)
  22. Jurgen Jenisy(AUT)
  23. Mohammed Ali Berjaou(LEB)
  24. Christian Aguirre(ECU)
  25. Bader Al Hamdan(KSA)
  26. Koh Seng Ann Aaron(SIN)
  27. J-Ram Alabanzas(RSA)
  28. Imran Majid(GBR)
  29. So Shaw(IRI)
  30. Kwok Chi Ho(HKG)
  31. Bashar Hussain(QAT)
  32. Mario Morra(CAN)

Biggest Name Eliminated for Day 2: Yukio Akagariyama was the 2011 World 9 Ball Champion.  In that year’s final, Akagariyama beat Ronnie Alcano, 13-11. Today we say goodbye to Akagariyama and 31 others who ended their 2014 campaign in just matches.

Yukio Akagiriyama gets the boot

Yukio Akagariyama – 2011 World 9 Ball Champion gets eliminated after Day 2 of the 2014 World 9 Ball Championship

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2011 PartyPoker.net World Pool Masters: Orcollo in the final 4

4 09 2011

Quezon City – There were 4 Filipinos who were competing in the  2011 PartyPoker.net World Pool Masters. Defending Champion Dennis Orcollo, Pool legends Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco “Django” Bustamante, and Lee Van Corteza. Among the 4, only 2 Pinoy cue masters are left in this single elimination tournament.

Django Bustamante bowed to Canadian Jason Klatt , 8-3 yesterday. Bata Reyes was defeated by England’s Darren Appleton, 5-8. The hopes of the Filipino billiard fans now fall on Orcollo and Corteza.

Lee Van Corteza squeaked past reigning World Ten Ball champion Huidji See of the Netherland, 8-7 in his Round of 16 match. World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World No.1 Dennis Orcollo meanwhile, barged into the Final 4 after beating Chinese Chang Jung-lin, 8-1. It is a great follow-up of his 8-2 rout of Tony Drago yesterday.

It will be exciting to see if a Filipino will be able to defend its home turf in this tournament that will give the winner $20,000.